Hey friends, how are you today? Today is a beautiful, rainy day in my neck of the woods.  The past few days has been rather humid and hot; quite a few 90 degree days.  The rain was a welcome relief from the humidity and the heat.  I am reminded of a comment capost2k made on the last post, it brought a smile to my face (thank you) yesterday, I found I agreed with you, it was 94º. I love rainy days, especially from the inside looking out.  Rain acts as a cleansing, replenishing, refilling resource.  Most of nature’s animals seek shelter during this time. In the distance, the occasional thunder and perhaps the faint tweet of a bird, can be heard amid the heavy, fast moving droplets of the shower outside my window.  Love days like these.

Every new day provides new opportunities to reevaluate our minds, our souls and our bodies.  How are you, today? How do you feel? Today gives us choices and chances. Today says, ‘take stock and take time to reevaluate and renew our lives, perhaps spiritually or maybe even physically.  Today, deliberately and intentionally spend time in the Word of God and with the Lord.   Today, we choose to tell the God of the universe, all our fears and all our cares.  Today, we give thanks or remind ourselves to be grateful for the ‘good’ things in our lives. We are thankful for the good memories we’ve made throughout the years, thankful for the great people in our lives, thankful for innovative thinkers that dare to make our lives easier in such things as washers and dryers and microwaves, and umbrellas and internet and cars.  Today as we gives thanks, we also share with the Powerful and Mighty God of the Universe, our cares.  Yes, He already knows, but today we take the time to also share with Him how we feel about the woes.  We tell Him, this was not in our plans, we tell Him we do not deserve this trial, we’ve been good.  Perhaps we even remind Him of all the times, we did good for this and that person.  

Of course, we should also remember that there is no such thing as a solitary relationship.  In order for a relationship to exist, it must begin with, at the very least, two beings.  And in order for a relationship to thrive there must exist knowledge of each other.  Well… we know that God cannot learn anything, He knows everything about everything. He already knows all our quirks and all our secrets as He should, He is our Creator.  We are the ones in need of learning.  To keep the bond in our relationship, we need learn of the character of the God of the universe. We need to know that in order for a relationship to exist between us and Him, He has expectations and standards, we are to abide by, no negotiations. He made it easy, He gave us His Word.  Knowledge, they say, is power.   Now we know; we are without excuse.  

In the telling of our feelings about our woes, we should remember, He never promised us a life without woes.  Of course, that should not stop us for sharing our feelings, He is the Master Therapist. But do expect Him, in that therapy session, to remind us that He actually promised our lives would not be without its fair share of difficulties. But rather, He promised us joy in spite of the woes, He promised us peace in the woes and rest from the woes.  He promised us eternal love and boundless, daily  opportunities for repentance and grace and mercy.  He promised to always be faithful in His character; He cannot lie, He always keeps His Word.  His Word is His bond.  We can trust Him to be faithful to what He says, He will do.  

In that therapy session, perhaps we may be reminded that most of His promises are conditional. He may tell us that the effectiveness of His promises does not hinge upon Himself, but rather on us.  He may choose to say that the effectiveness of His promises rely on our obedience to His Word.  In order to bask in His promises, we need to obey His Word.  In order to obey His Word, we need to know His Word.  In order to know His Word, we need to read His Word.  In order to read His Word effectively, we need to spend time with Him.  In every relationship there are expectations; we have expectations of Him, He in turn has expectations of us. We know what we expect from Him, but do we know what He expects from us? Remember knowledge, they say, is power.  

In every conversation, there is a speaker and a listener. In every effective conversation, there is time for each to enjoy both roles.  Prayerfully, we have left space, in this day, for the Lord to be the former.   How are you today? 

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33 responses to “TODAY, AMID THE RAIN”

  1. My heart was needing this post, trying to figure out how to reach someone I love who doesn’t understand that His promises hinge on our desire to be His – and that includes our behaviors and our heart. Thank you for explaining it so well! ~ Maryleigh

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  2. This is a great post. I like the illustration of what God does for us being compared to rain. God is available to us and we have to invite him into every area of our lives daily. I had a sweet moment of brokenness with God. I sat down and allowed myself to feel and be comforted by God. He is faithful. I am tired but refreshed reading this post. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. I like how you break it down for us to easily remember: obey, know, read, spend time. Sounds simple, but each of us has so many distractions. I try to start each day with my Bible reading so that it doesn’t end up on the back burner and forgotten.

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  4. Praise God “He promised us joy in spite of the woes, He promised us peace in the woes and rest from the woes.” I’ve lived long enough to see God provide–on numerous occasions–all of these things in spite of the woes in life. You are so right, Brenda!

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  5. “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” John Ruskin
    And we really NEED to grasp James directions about how to respond to “woes.” This will be more important than ever in the next couple years as we experience “the beginning of birth pains.” (Matthew 24:8)
    ❤️&🙏, dear sister, c.a.

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  6. Oh, that God would share some of that rain with us! We have been in the upper 80’s, 90’s, and hundreds for a couple of weeks, with little to no rain.
    You know I love your post about spending time with God, and in His Word; how God blesses obedience and gives us peace. Your words brought comfort to my soul. May your blog reach many who need to read and absorb its Truth!

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  7. Amen and amen Brenda, The Truth will preach, every time. Good perspective, Great job! Father God, thank you for Brenda. Her spirit, faithfulness and obedience. Continue to use Her, in Your Service and be Glorified therein , Amen.

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  8. Thanks for posting this thoughtful and thought-provoking post. I appreciate your perspective on life as viewed from the lens of scripture. Great sharing. Thanks also for the like posted on my blog. God bless.

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  9. Amen! I love this!unlike human therapist God has the answer. He knows how to not only heal but make whole and he doesn’t charge $150 an hour for you to walk away with the same problems! As we talk to him and spend time in his word and in his presence. He reminds us of not only of who we are in him, but ultimately of who he is. God bless you! My friend❤

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