Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? I had a great week; our weather has certainly been fabulous. It motivated me to spend time outside.  I love the outdoors. I look forward to the time spent in the Lord’s beautiful world, for surely, He has blessed us with wondrous beauty.  I love the scent of freshly cut lawns. I love the sounds the kids make as they play and squabble with each other. Listen! Can you hear it? Can you see it? Can you feel it?  Nature proclaims the sound of God’s love, it displays the might of God’s grace, it portrays the beauty of God’s mercy.    

Sometimes, I think the sounds of a good rain storm is my favorite; the thunder, the lightning, the sounds of falling water when it hits the roof and the rushing water on the sidewalks; love it all. Usually, on days like these, I sit on the porch and admire the Lord’s handiwork.  Although, I do not like to hear the sound of my feet as it hits the pavement, I love to run outdoors, in the early mornings.  Can you not hear His love in the sounds of the insects? Can you not see His wisdom in the beauty of the butterflies? Can you not feel His presence in the sunshine? 

On most days, Jazz vies with me for the window sill.  She thinks she can catch the birds as they flitter from tree to tree in the backyard.  She scratches at the window because she thinks she can get through it, to the birds, if she does it long enough.  Someone should tell her it does not work like that, because I have way too much fun at her expense.  She loves the cardinals best, perhaps because of the males’s red feathers.  My favorite bird is the very elusive blue jay.  

Our God is clearly the God of beauty.  Nature itself proclaims it; creation speaks clearly.  They tell of the beauty, the Lord sends our way.  That beauty tells  of the great love of God.  Every bird, every rain and snow storm, every time the skies are blue or grey, when the sun shows it’s pretty face, when the squirrels hassle each other over the theft of their food, when the cicadas are so loud, you can barely hear yourself think; through it, the God of the universe tells us we can trust Him.  He reminds us that our hope is in Him, our strength can be found in Him.   He is mighty and powerful, and creation reminds us of this fact.  

Have you spent some time outdoors lately? What are you favorite things to do outdoors? Please don’t say camping with a tent.  While I do enjoy camping, I do prefer a solid roof and four solid walls with electricity and running water, even the internet will not be amiss. I do believe they call it, glamping; the bugs and I have a six feet apart rule.  How about you? What is your preference? 

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36 responses to “LISTEN, CAN YOU SEE IT?”

  1. I enjoyed this post. Nature is one of God’s greatest expressions of his handiwork. I am not an outdoors person. I do not like bugs or reptiles especially snakes. 🙄 I will say I enjoy seeing flowers, trees and plants after I take Clartin. I also enjoy the sunshine in moderation. I love the peace that falls during a sunset or sunrise. I am planning to take it easy this weekend. I have been making myself leave my home once a day so I can savor this season. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. I appreciate your posts.

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  2. We are praying for a good thunderstorm with RAIN for our crops here in NW Iowa!! Yes, I enjoy a lightning show, displaying God’s glory and power…watching from my bay window. My husband and I hope to do more “glamping” with our RV when he retires 🙂

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  3. I don’t camp outside at all! I don’t like roughing it at all! My husband says I am his best bug repellent since I attract bugs from everywhere and end up with welts everywhere. Thus, I avoid camping. Also, as I have aged, I have to go to the bathroom multiple times in the night and wandering around in the dark with a flashlight is not fun for me.

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  4. The pictures are beautiful! I love a good thunderstorm. But in my new home in Michigan, we don’t get the storms like we did in Illinois. I miss them! To me the lightning and thunder are such awesome displays of God’s majesty. With all our knowledge and technology man still cannot control the weather. While I love the outdoors, sitting on my patio and watching the birds at the bird bath and the flowers all around are my idea of enjoying the outdoors. I too do not do camping. My husband says his idea of camping is a room at Holiday Inn.

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  5. I love being outside too. Just walking out makes me feel better. Breathing in the fresh air and enjoying nature. My favourite place is somewhere where there is the mountains and sea together. I went to a beautiful place in Turkey where the mountains just rolled into the beautiful green sea. It was idyllic. I could have stayed there forever. It’s lovely (especially now travel is restricted) to have those memories to treasure.

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  6. I like walking – I’m not a runner, never have been. I like watching the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks around the bird feeder. I like sitting by the lake in the quiet where I can hear/feel God’s presence. Yes, nature speaks to His glory.

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  7. I love nature and being outside. Your post made me think of the song, I Believe – I believe for every drop of rain that falls A flower grows…Every time I hear a newborn baby cry Or touch a leaf Or see the sky Then I know why I believe…🍃🌸🌺

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  8. You and my Anita can “glamp” together! Give me a sleeping bag with the stars overhead by the embers of a once wondrous campfire. She has the same policy for her and bugs!! 😉

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    • 😂😂😂 I already love your Anita, I, wholeheartedly agree with her policy 😍 campfires are good, but then we want to go indoors to sleep 💤. Thankfully the Lord makes it possible for us both to enjoy the great outdoors

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  9. Amen! We have a God worth worshipping! My kids and I have really enjoyed going to the beach, going on hikes, and exploring new places! There’s something about a new hiking location or outdoor spot that always makes me say, “Wow God!” Those rain storms are great too!

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  10. I enjoyed a Sunday morning brunch with friends sitting outside last week. Right now we are having a thunderstorm. I love thunderstorms. They make me think of God’s power.

    Did you see any bears while you were walking? If not, do you want to? 🙂

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