Hey friends, how are you today? How was your weekend? Was it sunny or rainy in your neck of the woods? Did you complete any past due projects? Today is a beautiful day.  The sun is out, although it is a bit chillier than yesterday, but today is a good day.  Over the weekend, we began a project that really (as far as I am concerned) should have taken only one day, because ‘done’ is my motto.  But of course, I’ve shared with you, my husband’s determination for everything he does, to be not just ‘done’ but ‘done well’.  Admittedly, we did add one more thing, which should have taken one more day, but… here we are four days later.  We are putting the ‘finishing’ touches on a bathroom project; we began last year.  Yep!! You read that right! Last year! Anyhoo…

Although I cannot really place all the blame on him, (Mr. Perfectionist); because on Sunday, we received sad news, which kind of slowed us down.  My grandfather, a wonderful man, that I absolutely loved, went home to be with the Lord.  Although I expected this news; although I thought I had prepared myself; I guess I was not as prepared as I probably should have been.  I do need to preface this by letting you know, my grandfather lived to be 95 years old.  Yes… he was certainly up there; do I even want to live to be 95? Thankfully, the Lord kept his sanity intact for all of these 95 years.  To God be the glory.

To help me process this change in my life, I thought I would share with you a little of my grandfather.  He was always a constant in my life.  Very rarely was he absent, when I would come for a visit.  As a little girl, growing up, most of my summers were spent with my grandfather at his very country home.  He didn’t have electricity, when I first started coming to visit.  He didn’t even have running water; oh the trials!!!

Needless to say, at that time I didn’t always like to visit, even though I liked him very much.  Sometimes we would just sit together; there was no need to fill the silence with words.  Somehow, he always knew; but it wasn’t always necessary to talk.  My grandfather always accepted me, in spite of the fact that he had several grandchildren.  I never felt like I needed to be anyone else but me in his presence.  I never had to be as fast as… or as good as… or as brilliant as… It was always okay to be just me; Brenda. 

Even during the times, when he knew why I was sent there, more than likely because of my rebellious teenage years; he was always there; no questions, no judgement.  I loved my grandfather.  And I thank the Lord for the time we had together. The Lord kept him for me, though he was more than ready to go home.   

Thank You Lord, for my ‘Papa Kenny’ one of the few men, in my life at that time, that made me believe that there was hope for men in this world.  

Sorry, I have been absent lately, but I promise to be back soon. Did I also tell you the girls are coming home for Fall Break? I didnt? Well do forgive me… the girls are coming home to Fall Break! Now; you know. Soo… how was your weekend? Do you have good memories of your grandfather?

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