Hey friends, how are you? How was your week? First, I would like to say, ‘thank you’.  Thank you, thank you so very much to you for taking the time to mourn and weep with me, this week.  I deeply appreciate your prayers and was very much comforted by it.  Thank you again, my friends.   The Lord is good to me and to us as a people.  He gives ‘good gifts’ even when we cannot see the ‘good’ in it.  As time marches on, eventually, we learn to trust the Lord more and more during these difficult times.  He then opens our eyes and shows us that because He is a good God, everything He does, therefore, is good, for me and for you.  

Nature is another that brings comfort to my soul.  There is nothing more breathtakingly beautiful, than nature, itself.  Although some may say that description belongs to people, I, of course, would have to disagree. It is true, that old adage, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, when referring to people.  

Beautiful Monarch Butterfly

Very rarely does one stand in awe of another’s beauty, though many jaws have dropped at the sheer beauty of nature.  I love nature; the ferocity of storms, the twenty inches of snow in twelve hours, the sun shining in all its splendor.  The changes in seasons always bring to mind, God’s unwavering grace toward man.  Nature speaks, it says, “look! Look!  Still there is one more majestic than me”. Can’t you see Him in the mountains? Can’t you smell Him in the flowers? Can’t you hear Him in the waves?  Slow down, don’t miss His unfailing love and mercy toward you.  The Lord desires your attention; spend time with Him today.    

How was your week? What’s your favorite thing about fall?

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