Hey friends, how are doing? How are you today? How was your week? If you were Renee of Heart Tokens then I know a kitchen mishap was definitely part of your week.  As for me; I had a pretty good week. I stayed on top of most of my assigned tasks; as a matter of fact, I even ahead on a few.  I’m on a role.  I told you recently, I’m an all or nothing person, right? I jumped into this organization ring with both feet and this week was a rounding success 

“This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it”, Psalm 118:24. This is one of my favorite verses because it reminds me that each day is a gift from the Lord.  It also reminds me that I have a choice to make.  I have been commanded to rejoice and be glad in the day, but obedience is still my choosing.  I can choose to delight in the day and to be thankful, even on the days when my plans go awry. I really should not allow my actions to be controlled by my emotions. Nor should my emotions be controlled by my circumstances. My brain and my heart needs alignment.

I can choose to have a heart full of gratitude even on the day when the rains come with wind and thunder and lightning. I can choose to remember that each day is a blessing from the God of the Universe, filled with opportunities and to do things differently.  I can choose strength and beauty.  In order to do that, time spent with the Lord and in His Word is not optional.  Obedience in non-negotiable.  Now I can ‘rejoice and be glad’ because I know my foundation cannot be shaken, no matter the storms.  How is your day? Is your foundation secure?

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