Good morning Friends, it is the last week of September! I have asked the Lord to slow down the time a tad bit, but time just keeps matching.  I suppose we might as well make the best use of the time, we’ve been given then.  What are a few of your plans for the next … More I’M SO EXCITED!!


Twelve years ago, we made the decision to home school our two girls.  That initial decision was frightening to say the least, and although I am a teacher by profession, the thought of home schooling never occurred to me.  I was to be responsible for our kids’ education, all the way through high school?  Preposterous!  … More WHY HOME SCHOOL?


Last Sunday was Mother’s Day.  During the service, our pastor said no mother is perfect. Never a truer statement has been said! What qualities then should a perfect parent possess? I asked the girls to describe their perfect parent,  Anna said I was her perfect parent (such a sweet girl), Cleo (of course) gave some … More PERFECT PARENTING!