IMG_0720Last Sunday was Mother’s Day.  During the service, our pastor said no mother is perfect. Never a truer statement has been said! What qualities then should a perfect parent possess? I asked the girls to describe their perfect parent,  Anna said I was her perfect parent (such a sweet girl), Cleo (of course) gave some suggestions. I combined her answers with a few others and here is what I came up with:

  1. The perfect parent never, ever runs out of patience with her children!
  2. The perfect parent always, extends grace and mercy to her children.
  3. The perfect parent listens quietly, and always has an answer for every problem.
  4. The perfect parent forgives quickly, without requiring any groveling or, ‘I told you, so’.
  5. The perfect parent never, ever yells at her children.
  6. The perfect parent gently, repeats the instructions as many times as needed.
  7. The perfect parent knows always to say the right thing at the right time,
  8. The perfect parent always, disciplines compassionately and lovingly.
  9. The perfect parent gives wholly and willingly.
  10. The perfect parent is wise and diligent

Well, I can assure you that description does not fit me at all, especially with such qualifiers as ‘always and never’,  I suppose Cleo is stuck with me, huh!  Do you know such a parent?

Well, I do!  He is just and fair and guess what?   He has no favorites among His children. He loves each one, unconditionally. He protects and provides absolutely.  He forgives completely.  He gives new grace and mercy every morning. His plans are perfect and unique for each of His children. He never, ever blesses one at the expense of another.  He knows and calls each one by name.  And the best news is He knows my name.  Does He know yours?IMG_0722

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