Good morning Lord, can You believe it is one day before my birthday?  I love birthdays, I think of it as a day set aside just for me. My day!  One day in that year, that’s all mine. It may not be all ABOUT me, but it is all FOR me, thank You, Lord, for that day.   It’s my birth-day. DSCF2478

It is a day of giving thanks, because this birthday came with no guarantees. It is an opportunity to look back on the past year and count my blessings, for they are numerous. Help me Lord, to see more than just the physical blessings, more than just the tangible blessings.  These are the temporary ones, they are susceptible to rust and fade.  I pray Father, that as I look back, that I can count the spiritual blessings too.  The blessings that are eternal, may there be more of them! DSCF2485DSCF2483

Lord, You’ve kept us healthy, thank You, Father.   Even with the added cost of college, You have provided faithfully.  We’ve been to new places, seen unfamiliar things, thank You, it is because of Your Grace.   You are teaching me to love more, to be more compassionate, to pray more.   You showed me that I need to be more humble, that humility is an attribute, I need to intentionally cultivate.  Why do I struggle with pride? Oh to be like Thee, Lord, but I know, I am prone to wonder.  I have leaned to trust You more.  I surrender my will a bit faster than before, I lay my troubles at Your feet, but sometimes I lapse, I still try to solve the issue on my own . I am liable to manipulate my circumstances to arrive at my designed solution. Forgive me, Lord. DSCF2482

As You, Father, have allowed me to see another year, may I run to You even faster, may You be first when trouble strikes. May I be more patient with others.  May I stand in the gap for others.  Keep me on my knees, Lord, as I seek more after the things that are eternal. May I emulate, may I become a Proverbs 31:10-31 woman!  Happy birthday to me!  DSCF2473

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