This morning, Benny said that there are many things in our lives we cannot control, time is one of them.  All life is hinged on time.  Genesis 1:3, 4 says God created light. He separated light from the darkness.  He called the light; day and the darkness; night. And thus time began. 01ba8afe074a249faa49d0ad17bd908aa139c40d6e_00001

We eat at a certain time, for a period of time. Sleep calls after some time.  Work is completed during that cycle of time. School, play all occur within that span of time. In time we celebrate birthdays and births, we celebrate weddings.   At that time, we mourn at the passing of a loved one.  Everything that has life is controlled by time; it lives, it dies.  Time even controls those without life; the sun comes up and goes down at a certain time.  The moon completes its cycle within a set time. Earth itself is placed in time constrains.  Whether I think about it or not, time controls me.  It dictates every step I make, and reminds me to live a life worthy of the calling, because the world is watching me (Ephesians 4:1). For a period of time, salvation is available to all.  Time cautions against wasting such a precious commodity. Time whispers ‘hurry, hurry!’  Time insinuates ‘there is always less of me than you think’.  Time mutters that soon even it will cease to exist, it will be no more.  It reminds me that God’s Word is true. IMG_0135IMG_0926

In Heaven and in Hell, time has lost any significance it may have possessed.  There are no more second chances, time has no more control.   There; ETERNITY BEGINS!  Benny reminded me that we will not be sick, there will be no more pain, therefore we will not need time to get better, we won’t be hungry, we will not need time to eat.  Because Eternity is not governed by time, we will not grow old, we will live forever!  Just the thought is mind-boggling!


Where will you be when forever begins?  Is it enough that only you get there?

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