Can you believe April is almost over?  That’s four months into the year! What were your goals for 2017?  Are you on the path to accomplishing any of the goals?  Did you have a plan to accomplish it?  Very little is achieved without a plan.   Of course this plan has to be flexible, adjustable.  The Lord may be saying He has a better goal for you.  One particular goal of mine is to exercise regularly. I am ashamed to say I have not been consistent in that area, and I have not been following a healthy meal plan either, not a great combination and the result isn’t pretty. I need to do better.  I will do better.  So here I come 2017…


I usually dress in layers; the constant is a jacket or a blazer. There’s invariably one or the other in my ensemble every single time! IMG_0686IMG_0688This jacket has literally been worn too many times to count.  It has a quilted outer layer with a super warm lining and still it maintains a chic and sophisticated look.  IMG_0668IMG_0670These flats were the first out as soon as it was warm enough for my toes to be on display.  At 5”2 I usually wear heels, but as I get older, I do certainly enjoy the comfort, that some flats bring.  But not only are they comfortable, they are also cute.  What a great combination! Although the soles appear to be made of wood, it is actually a soft cork, and I definitely appreciate that vibrant green color.


IMG_0671IMG_0672This “Z” palette is another favorite.  It contains 4 eye shadows, a contour powder, a beautiful light pink blush and a small container of banana powder.  I received most of the products, including the palette from a subscription beauty company. The eye shadows are Clinique, which I depotted. IMG_0673 I take this with me every time I travel; it contains everything I need, in one place. I must admit though, that several other palettes also make it into my make up bag.  I have not yet learnt how to downsize, I always over pack. IMG_0674Anais Anais has been a favorite for over twenty years.  Benny introduced me to this perfume as an anniversary gift.  It has a very floral, gardenia scent.  The smell will unfailingly remind me of our time together as a newly married couple and brings with it great memories. I try to always have this perfume in my collection.IMG_0675


img_0429I am still reading Adorned, at this rate this book may take me all year!  I hope not, but I have added to my list these two Bible study books. One is for our Sunday school; the other is for our Ladies group. IMG_0676They are certainly edifying and enlightening.  Both books provide quite a bit of knowledge and urge us as ladies to use the time granted to us by the Lord, to reflect His glory.  I love the verse found in Matthew 6:33.  ‘Seek first’ the Bible commands me; “seek Me first”, is whispered softly in my ear.  You see, I am prone to forget that that’s the most crucial thing in my life. I get distracted sometimes by the ‘stuff’ of the world and I need to be reminded.

Do you get distracted like me?  Do you need a reminder?  Let’s commit this verse to our hearts. Matt 6 33

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