Yesterday was the funeral of a friend, who died suddenly about a week ago.  His death reminded me of the frailty of life.  The Bible tells me that my life is like a vapor; a whiff. The older I become, the more funerals of friends and family I attend.  For some, I thank God that they knew Him as their Savior, but for others I wondered whether they knew the Lord at all.  After the death of someone, people usually have the nicest things to say about that person.  Sometimes I wonder whether we knew two different people!  Death does seem so final, doesn’t it?

Sometimes I wonder what people will think about me, when I die.  What will people say about me?  What is my legacy?  What will my footprints in the sand say about me?  Was I kind enough? Did I use my lips to speak words of encouragement or slander others?  Did I build up or tear down others? What will my family say; those I am closest to?  Will people say, “She loved the Lord?”  Or will they wonder?

IMG_0544Maybe I should remember I have to stand before the Holy and Just God.  Maybe I should know that my works will be tried by fire.  Maybe I should recall that I was created to bring Him glory.  Maybe I should comprehend that I was saved by the Righteous God and was called to serve others with all humility.

Maybe then I will understand that time is not my friend; that my time here is limited.  Maybe then I will live a life worthy of the Sacrifice that was paid for my sin. Maybe then I will choose to obey His Word; to do things His way.

Maybe …IMG_0549 (Edited)

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