ii-peter-3-1TIME, there are many phrases that include that word,’time’. A few of my favorite are ‘time flies’, ‘in the nick of time’, ‘time will tell’, ‘only a matter of time’.   Time has even been given an gender; ‘father time’.

This year is seemingly moving at the speed of light. Why does time seem to move so quickly?  Christmas is right around the corner.  I am not ready for the year to come to an end.  But ready or not, time will march on; if the Lord tarries, 2016 will end.

I am a ‘task oriented’ person.  I make my list; I checked it twice and heaven help anyone that gets in my way.  I am the ‘Martha’ in Luke 10:40 (go ahead; read it; I’ll wait). I feel very accomplished when I have completed my list of tasks, that very rarely have anything to do with people (believe it or not, I know you are with me).  John 3:16 reminds me though, ‘that God loves people so much, that He sent His Son to die for people’, not for tasks.  I must make time for my ‘task’, but I should never overwhelm my schedule with so many tasks, that there isn’t time for people. Balance!  Intentionaeph-5-15l living!  Psalms 118:24 tells us, “This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it”.

Help me, Lord, not to miss the learning, in this day.  You are immutable, but I so need to change. I need to be intentional in my walk. I need to slow down; I need not be so busy that I miss the learning to grow; to mature. Teach me to appreciate the quiet times, the time spent with You, meditating on Your Word. Help me to be content with this season of my life and not wonder at the ‘could have been’.  Remind me that You are the Author of time, and You decide when that ‘time is up’. Forgive me for being impatient with people, when they do not fall in line with my time frame. psalm-39-4-5

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