Troubles, trials, testings, temptations; why are they here?  Why cannot life be sunshine and roses always?  Why must life be fraught with such difficult and desperate times?  Do we respond to trials with depression, dejection and despondency? (Did you notice that somehow the “t” words brought about the “d” words?)proverbs-3

Most Christians know that God never promised us a life without problems; He actually guaranteed that there will be times of trials (James 1:2).  Yet, we are often times unprepared for difficult days.  The preparation is not in the actual trial, it is not in the problems that arise out of our health, or finance, nor relationships, whether they are consequential or divine. We can be prepared for something, we do not know is coming our way.  Sometimes, life will throw us curve balls; unexpected difficult times.  What are we to do?  ‘Life’ happens to everyone; no one is exempted from difficult days.  The famous, the rich, the poor, the godly, the ungodly, all have something in common; tumultuous times.matt-6-33

We prepare ourselves for the inevitable trouble, by trusting the Holy and Righteous One. We are separated from the world, because of our faith and trust in the All-Powerful God, the Creator of the Universe.  We ought to know though, that trusting God is not the same as trusting God ‘for’. Trusting God ‘for’ healing is not the same as trusting God. Trusting God ‘for’ a job, is not necessarily trusting God.  Trusting God is just that; trusting that (Philippians 1:6) ‘He, who begun a good work in you will complete it, until the day of Jesus Christ’.  We are to rely in the very nature of our God.  Believe it or not, He is more loving than we ever can be, He is more knowledgeable than us, and His wisdom far surpasses our own.  He is far more powerful and mighty than our thoughts can imagine.  He is Supreme; He is King of all kings and Lord of all lords. phil1-6

Our ideas of an answer to prayer may not align with the answer the Holy One has for us, yet it is the best decision for us, because He promised to ‘work all things together for good’ (Romans 8:28).  He promised to (Philippians 4:19) ‘supply all our needs, according to His riches in mercy’, He promised to give us the desires of our heart, IF WE SEEK FIRST HIS KINGDOM (Mathew 6:33).  How do we prepare for the troubles ahead?  We get to know a very Personable God.  We obey His Word, without compromise, and we ask for forgiveness when we do disobey .  We trust the Creator, who ‘neither slumbers, nor sleeps’ (Psalm 121:3).  We trust HIM! psalm121-3

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