Hey friends, how was your week? Are you a ‘thank God it’s Friday (TGIF) person? Until recently I used to be that person. Now, Saturdays roll around and it’s just as busy, isn’t that sad? I think it is.  It’s very important to have one day or at least part of a day, to move slower; to rest mentally, physically and emotionally.  It’s a healthy practice for us and very good for those around us, like our children and our spouse.  It benefits them when we take the time to rejuvenate and refresh the physical man, of course, the inner man should have a dose of rejuvenation daily, perhaps several times a day.  You know we need the Lord to BE good people, right?I Jn 4 10Wow, can you believe Valentine’s Day is next week, already? Where did the time go? A few years ago, well twenty-seven years to be exact; my babe asked me to be his sweetheart on February 13th, I suppose he thought it would be more memorable if he chose the day before Valentine’s Day, I guess he was right.  Since he did the asking, because I’m worth it, usually, every year, I wait for my gift for saying yes and he never disappoints, even after almost twenty-seven years of being together; he is definitely a keeper. 018a5970-49d2-4fda-8bbe-bd2dc599e153-e1549652012619.jpegBut twenty-seven years later (well almost twenty-seven) I’ve decided that he did me and my mom (or so she says) a huge favor by asking me to be his sweetheart; yeah… I know… it took me that long to acknowledge it.  He really is the best husband and father in the world.  I absolutely love this man, I must admit he made it easy to love him.  I thank the Lord for granting me this blessing. He has througout the years, consitently demonstrated first, his love for the Lord, by regularly spending time with the Lord, and through his service to the local church and secondly, to his family.   97326AA8-614F-45D6-912D-BE665B13C3CCEvery year, from then we’ve gone out for dinner on the 13th, and after we had the girls, he would take them out for dinner on the 14th. I grew up without a father figure in my life, it is certainly a privilege to be the wife of a man, who is not afraid to love wholeheartedly.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share with you a few life lessons, I learnt from my husband.  I’ve shared these lessons with our girls and prayerfully they will adhere to them.  Young ladies…IMG_0777

  • Don’t settle for just ‘any’ man, believe me, not any man will do. This decision is too important to leave up to chance, wait on the Lord for that special man.
  • You want a man who loves the Lord with all his heart and soul and might. When a man loves the Lord, you can trust his love for you.
  • Remember actions speak louder than words. His actions will infallibly tell where his affections lie.
  • Don’t be too hasty, certainly don’t make it too easy; you are worth his time and effort.
  • Trust the Lord with this decision, remember you are entering a covenant relationship.
  • Refuse any relationship that comes without a pathway which leads to marriage.
  • Please, please do not hold up marriage as the epitome of all life. Enjoy being single, have fun, live life, serve the Lord.
  • Remember you are a whole person; complete. Your identity is not found in a man.
  • Your identity and worth are found in the Lord.  Surround yourself with people who will motivate, encourage, and edify you in the Lord as you go about life.
  • Remember you are not ready for a relationship, if your relationship with the Lord isn’t a top priority in your own life.

Please share your tidbits with our younger generation.  What are a few insights you wish both young men and women should know, as they navigate the waters of relationship?  

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55 responses to “I’M IN LOVE (I THINK…)”

  1. Finally coming back to comment, so sorry for blowing up your notifications tonight! I like to read as I can and then come back and comment once or twice a week on the various posts I really enjoyed!

    I agree with all you shared on this post. Great advice and adhering to it will save many a broken heart later. Congratulations on a long and dedicated marriage!! Great post for Valentine’s Day!

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  2. Love this sis. I tell young girls to watch how ‘he’ treats other women around him. If he only respects you then you should run away from him. Same applies to guys. If ‘she’ is not submissive to leaders, dads and she disrespects others guys and talks over them always, then run!

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    • Praise the Lord, I do pray they continue to serve the Lord faithfully always. A child is a beautiful gift for valentine’s day ❤️ I can imagine the future conversations about the separation of birthday 🎁 and valentine’s day. 🤣🤣 have a wonderful day, my friend. May the Lord bless you abundantly


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