Hey friends, how was your weekend? How are you doing? Today, in my neck of the woods, we’re (enjoying?) a winter storm. More than three inches of snow has already accumulated in under three hours, not bad, right? I can’t help but see evidence of God in storms. There is beauty and power displayed during storms and yes, there is seemingly also destruction, yet despite that destruction or perhaps because of the destruction, usually something stronger and more lasting is born. James 1 2Isn’t that so like our lives, sometimes.  Various storms roll into our lives, in unexpected and most times, unwanted ways, yet as Christians we are reminded to ‘count it all joy’.  Because out of the storms comes stronger, mature and more godly Christians.  It’s not always easy nor instinctive to ‘count it all joy’, but that’s okay, we’re were never meant nor are we expected to do so, on our own.  Enough is the load of the storm, right? And again, not even that we were meant to carry. The Lord knows we are fragile humans, we are more likely to buckle under the pressures of life.  I don’t know how people who do not know the Lord, do it. How do they stand, when the struggles of life come knocking at their doors?ii-peter-3-1Storms are inevitable, because some people do not want to face the winter storms, they’ve moved to California, where there they find the storms of fires and earthquakes, or the Midwest, where tornadoes or wind storms are frequent or the South, where hurricanes come calling.  Where can we go? Where can we run? Fires destroy homes, children die too young, loved ones are killed, sometimes by other loved ones, families are divided due to divorce or another catastrophe.  Some storms are brought about because of our own choices, other storms enter our lives just because we live in a sinful world. Storms in inevitable, expect them, they’re coming. I Peter 5 7But God… isn’t that the most beautiful two words ever heard? Look up, child (still my favorite Lauren Daigle song).  Look up, when the storms inevitably come knocking. Whether the storms of life are because of my own choices or perhaps allowed, I serve the God, Who controls the storms. He speaks to them and their only response is to obey.  They know His voice, when He speaks.  He controls the temperature of the storm; not too cold, not too hot; just that right temperature. What choice do the storms have, when the LORD of lords has spoken, but complete obedience.  He is God of the storms.Rom 5 8But me… not so wonderful, but still wonderful. I am weak and frail and unfortunately, instant obedience isn’t in my DNA.  Still, wanna know what so wonderful about me? I am loved.  Three little words, yet they have so impacted my world. I AM LOVED! The wonder of it is in the One who loves me.  I suppose that goes back to But God… and in spite of me…. but I am loved.  Because I am so very much loved, when the storms of life some my way, I run to the One who loves me and I say, I can’t bear it. It’s too hard and He responds by saying, ‘cast it all Me’. Sometimes I get it right and say ‘gladly’; but not always. Sometimes I hold on to the storms, I embrace it and I make it mine.  Sometimes even though I don’t like the storms, it’s easier to keep it. Although it May take me a minute, my God consistently draws me to Himself.  He loves me, you see, in spite of me, with all my faults and idiosyncrasies.  He loves me and guess what? He loves you too, abundantly, unconditionally, unwaveringly, unfailingly.  HE LOVE YOU, embrace that today. Do you see Him in the storms?thanks buttonclosing1brenda