Hey friends, how are you today? Did you do anything extra special on Valentine’s Day? We pretty much stayed home.  Last year, we went out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, it’s not an experience we chose to repeat this year.  We waited at least an hour for a table and then had to wait just as long for our food; uhhh no (we’re too old for that). But truthfully, I love Valentine’s Day.  I know some will say it is over commercialized, which is more than likely true, but which holiday/celebration isn’t? Personally, I don’t think that anyone should stop enjoying or celebrating an occasion because WE choose to commercialize it.  We do have choices, don’t we? We are allowed to decide HOW to celebrate the day; that’s our choice, rather than to throw away the baby with the bathwater.  Anyhoo… how are you really doing today? Did you do anything for Valentine’s Day? What did you do? If you didn’t, why didn’t you?John 10 10Today’s temperature is going to be a whopping 44°, for which I say, ‘thank You, Lord’, because every single day after that, we are in the 20°.  This year, my theme verse (I should really say, ONE of my theme verses, since I have several) is John 10:10.  My key phrase from this verse is ‘LIVE LIFE ABUNDANTLY’.  In 2019 I choose to live life abundantly, but in order to do this, I have to see the beauty of each day through God’s eyes.  I tried looking through my eyes, but I found there were days when I could not find any beauty at all, in my day.  Because I’ve been conditioned to observe the surface to find beauty, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to appreciate or even see that actual beauty lies beneath the surface of most things and people. Another of my favorite verses is this one: pro-31-30 See. this is where true beauty is born.  Well, I suppose since beauty is my goal, then that’s the path I have to take. On our way there, again let’s not throw away the baby with the bathwater.  Creation is observably beautiful, well I suppose that’s because our Lord created it.  Also, I’ve met a few stunningly, beautiful people both in the outside and inside. You, beautiful one, are reading my blog right now.  But today we shall observe beauty in the winter, which can be hard to see, when it’s dark and snowy and cold and blistery, and frigid, and did I already say ‘cold’?fullsizeoutput_c56IMG_5788IMG_5780IMG_5786fullsizeoutput_c53fullsizeoutput_c50fullsizeoutput_c4bfullsizeoutput_c55

What’s your weather like, in your neck of the woods? Hot? Cold? Mild? Which do you prefer? Hot? Cold? Mild?

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