Good morning Friends, it is the last week of September! I have asked the Lord to slow down the time a tad bit, but time just keeps matching.  I suppose we might as well make the best use of the time, we’ve been given then.  What are a few of your plans for the next few months? I know you can’t set your plans in stone, but even the Proverbs 31 woman made plans. prov 31 17She told them to the Lord in prayer, then she wrote it down in pencil or on her iPad, then she said, “Thy will be done”. Of course, if you are anything like me, we get through steps one and two and completely neglect step three.  We just assume (again!) that our plans are good and therefore God MUST be pleased with them.  Well, let me assure you, if you’re anything like me, then we may not be where we want to be, we praise the Lord though, we are not where we use to be! Every day the Lord allows us to see is the opportunity granted to live life better and grander and fuller! So, what are your plans for the next few months? After that speech, I know you know what to do now!  Psalm 144 15Well! Guess what! Can you guess? I’ll tell you… Tomorrow, I’m leaving for Indianapolis, Indiana to attend the True Woman Conference 2018.  It is their 10th anniversary and if it is like any of the past conferences, of which I’ve attended four, it will be absolutely glorious. The tickets have been sold out for months, but there will be a live and free simulcast of the entire conference. Anyone can sign up to be part of that simulcast. You can even use your iPad.  The link to the website is embedded in the photo below. Click on it to be taken directly there.  3937AC1F-3F1E-4227-9215-675DA17CC7ADCan you imagine being part of an audience of over seven thousand women with the express purpose of worship to our Savior?  I think on a much smaller scale, it will be a resemblance of what we will do when we get to Heaven. Over seven thousand voices singing songs of praise and worship to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings! Can you tell how excited I am? After which, we sit and listen to wonderful women as they encourage, edify and motivate us to live better, grander and fuller lives! How absolutely exciting to be part of a congregation where race, neither nationality nor creed, matters.  I know you may be thinking it should not matter and I totally agree; it shouldn’t! In a Christian setting, these things should not matter, but unfortunately it does, because we live a sinful world and we as a people are innately sinful.  But there’s hope! Praise God! There’s hope! In Heaven, we will be too busy with worship to be concerned with race, nationality and creed.  If any of you will be attending the conference, please let me know in the comment section.   I’ve made sure the house is extra nice to husband because its a girls’ trip.  He should be able to easily find anything He is looking for such as food, keys, and clothes.IMG_0777.JPGThere’s more! Can you guess? On our way to Indiana, we go through Ohio.  And guess who is going to school in Ohio?  That’s right! We will be stopping by the girls’ school to say, ‘hi’.  Yeah!  It has been forty days since we last saw them.  I know, I know, in actuality it hasn’t been that long, but it feels like it has been forty months! I do miss them, although I must admit not as much as I thought I would, but we will keep that between us.  We will leave them with the illusion that I’ve been pinning away at their absence.  Hey! My house is clean and it has been that way for forty whole days!  Don’t worry, those of you with younger children, enjoy every single moment with them because truly, time just keeps matching on.  DSC00032Love them, play with them, and get to know them, see the person the Lord desires to recreate as He recreates you.  Don’t try to hasten their growth; time lost is very difficult to be regained.  I got to know my biological father a little over thirteen years ago.  Knowing the Lord as my Savior made it easier (maybe I should say,  He made it possible) to forgive and let go.  And let me assure you, friends, it was NOT an overnight thing! It took the Lord months and months to get through to me, (with my husband’s help)  that forgiveness is not an option.  Love your babies, stand in the gap for them, pray for them and give them to the Lord.  You will be glad you did!  closing1brenda