Hey Friends, how are you today? How was your week? We’ve officially completed our very first week of fall.  Hooray for fall!  Now that summer has left, fall simply has to be the best season, right!  I absolutely love fall, I love the colors of the leaves on the trees as they hibernate for the winter.   I especially love the cool, chilly, refreshing temperatures. The beauty of the seasonal birds stopping along the way, as they travel south before the winter sets, are amazing! Piping, hot pumpkin, cinnamon coffees, clam chowder, apple pickings, fall decorations and cinnamon scented candles are a few of my favorite things.

GROWING FAVORITES  Lauren Daigle You sayI know I have said it before, but I love the new Lauren Daigle CD.  A few of my favorite songs that have literally been on repeat, I think even the neighbors know the words from memory, (did I say, I listen to music on a more than moderate volume?) are ‘Look Up Child’ and ‘You say’. I absolutely love these songs. They are so relatable.  ‘Look Up Child’ talks about us murmuring under our breath about the severity and difficulty of our storms.  We wonder at the seemingly absence of the Lord during this time.  We are sinking under the weight of the burdens and yet God’s love and His goodness are nowhere to be found.  Ps. 73 2Have you ever felt abandon by the Lord? I must admit a few years ago, I did.  “Where are You, Lord,” I wondered. ‘Why are you not answering my prayers? I can’t do this anymore.’  I realized, I expected the Lord to answer my prayers, my way.  He was not allowed to be God and do what’s best for me.  I become disappointed and discouraged because it seemed as if He had forsaken me. In reality I was the one who stopped believing that my God is always good, I forgot about His goodness and His faithfulness. Thank the Lord for grace! Can I get an ‘amen’. ‘Look Up Child’ is a great reminder that God is not a puppet nor a genie. He is GOD! He is good, He does good.  Get the entire album, I promise you will not regret it.  Is 46 6

BEAUTY FAVORITES  CC0765C9-6F85-4616-A743-6B256AD218AAThe month of September was a rather makeup free month. I think I was just lazy and didn’t feel like dealing with the time it took to remove the makeup (yes, that’s a thing).  After washing my face, just the thought of going through the more the five steps of removing, cleaning and moisturizing my face, it just wasn’t fun anymore.  But don’t worry; I am very sure that phrase will not last.  I do enjoy makeup. Well I guess you could say, I decided to make my nails pretty. A6500CC8-8539-410C-8362-0554C990EE1A I bought these two Louboutin nail polishes on eBay, at a fraction of the price and I absolutely love it, first, because the presentation was gorgeous and colors are perfect for the fall.  ‘Lady Peep’ is the name of the more red color and ‘Sweet Charity’ is the name of the other.  ‘Sweet Charity’ consists of a milky off white color.  One coat of this polish leaves a beautiful, light, barely there color, while two coats bring out the vibrancy.  These nail polishes will usually last about seven to ten days.  ‘Lady Peep’ is great for the fall. This is a burgundy, red color. I wear this color on my toes and I love it.  One coat is bold and vibrant, two coats just perfects the boldness and vibrancy.  Looking to add a few new colors to your nail polish selections? Check out Louboutin collection on eBay.  The tallest of the three, I already owned.

FASHION FAVORITES A73BD2FF-F1C1-4884-B327-D322242DB1F7I have always had a fondness for flowers but now that fall has officially arrived, I have found it more imperative that my house has flowers.  It brightens up any room and the colors are perfect for this time of year.  I know you may find this an oddity as the flowers are more summery.  But that’s actually the reason they make great fall colors.  They remind me to smile more, to laugh harder and love longer. I know, flowers do speak to me. This brings me to this beautiful Ted Baker watch that I again bought from eBay. 8EEB49D8-9478-4B9A-8496-FB7EE8A33CA7The flowers made me do it.  I love the colors of the face of the watch and the straps are this adorable blue that just says, ‘wear me, you’ll be glad you did’. And I wore it and I was glad I did.  It’s really beautiful and classy and perfect for this time of year.

Have you listened to the Lauren Daigle CD? What are your favorite songs? Have you ever felt abandon by the Lord? Did you know Elijah did too? Read I Kings 19 to know his story. It’s a good one.  closing1brenda