Wow!  Are you keeping track with me?  Time just keeps marching on, ready or not.  Sometimes, when life keeps the curve balls coming, it is easy to slip into old habits.  The ‘new’ man is struggling for control, but the constant battles are making it difficult to surrender. Life as a new creation is intentional … More OCTOBER FAVORITES


I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, “Where has the time gone?”  There are only four days left in the month!  This month has been busy, hasn’t it?  There have been numerous natural disasters: such as Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and others, and there have also been earthquakes; numerous people are … More SEPTEMBER FAVORITES


BEAUTY FAVORITES   Someone once told me I liked beautiful things.  I’m not sure whether they meant it as a compliment, but I shall take it as one.  I do love beautiful things.  I am aware that people are God’s most beautiful treasure and I am also aware that beauty is in the eye of the … More AUGUST FAVORITES


We are now almost five months closer to the end of the year.  Sooner rather later, we will look at 2017, through the lens of yester-year.  Are you aware that you will not be the same person, you were at the beginning of the year?  The truth is we are progressively becoming better or becoming worse.  We are constantly developing habits; … More JULY FAVORITES


Can you believe June is almost over?  We are almost through with six months!  Are you too busy? What about your walk with the Lord? A good thermometer of the condition of your walk with the Lord is your relationship with others.  Christ died for all men, because of His love of us.  He desires … More JUNE FAVORITES