We are now almost five months closer to the end of the year.  Sooner rather later, we will look at 2017, through the lens of yester-year.  Are you aware that you will not be the same person, you were at the beginning of the year?  The truth is we are progressively becoming better or becoming worse.  We are constantly developing habits; good ones or bad ones.  We are getting older, some also getting wiser with age, while others; not so much.  On which side are you leaning?  It all depends on you.  To become wiser and better, takes conscious action.  While we are still breathing, let us make the conscious decision to be better, by wallowing in the Word of God.


Let’s talk about this Salvatore Ferragomo Signorina perfume.  It has a beautiful spicy, woodsy, citrus scent, with just a hint of floral. IMG_1298 This perfume usually lasts for a few hours.  I prefer this scent, primarily during the fall, but found myself reaching for it, during the month, on our date nights.  And of course, who can resist the absolute beauty of the bottle?  Another favorite is this Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in medium deep. IMG_1296It has been very humid, lately, and this powder has literally been my go-to.  To apply, I use the Real Techniques Powder Brush.  The combination is phenomenal.  It blurs out the imperfections, making it possible to go without foundation. I love anything that simplifies my life and this powder fits the bill.  This It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush is called Je Ne Sais Quai.  

This lip product takes on the color of any lip pencil. The color pay off is faint, producing a ‘my lips, but better’ look.  It is creamy and moisturizing without being a gloss.  I really, like this lip flush (perfect name). IMG_1306IMG_1304I received this Bare Minerals Translucent Powder Duo earlier this month, from a subscription box.   It contains both a matte and glow powder.  I love it!  Even though, it is a white powder, it does not leave a white nor gray cast on the face.  I haven’t had the time to use it much this month, unfortunately, but I really like the fact that this powder is pressed, rather than loose, containing the amount of waste.


IMG_1322I saw the white version of this top on someone on Instagram, and loved it at first sight. Very rarely, do I pursue fashion items on-line.  If it can’t be found locally, especially at a thrift store, more than likely I will not buy it.  But this top, had me at the strips!  Of course, I set a money limit and went hunting! I eventually found this one (new) on E Bay, within my budget.  It is 100% polyester, making it comfortable to wear, it fits perfectly and is beautiful.  I love it better in black!

This pair of Michael Kors shoes has a two inch platform and a six inch heel.  IMG_1329I can probably run a mile with these, (haha, no I can’t).  They are very comfortable.  I can wear these shoes for hours without any discomfort.  If I want to be cute and comfortable (which is a good motto) I wear these shoes.  Do I have to say where I bought them?  You guessed it; at the thrift store.



Earlier this month, Benny and I disagreed about something in the Bible.  (I know, I know, married people never argue).  Right!  Anyway, I wanted to prove him wrong, (I know, I know, I should not be so competitive). Still wanted to prove him wrong, so I decided to read the book of Revelation.  I have not been able to prove him wrong (yet), but I must say, I have enjoyed reading this book.  It has caused me to pray more for others, especially my unsaved friends and family.  I find myself  talking to God about what I have read.  I really encourage you to read this book. Although, this isn’t my first time reading Revelation, it has been very informative and life changing.  (I have almost forgotten about proving Benny wrong, ALMOST!)  The end of time, as we know it, is approaching, friends.  Be sure of your salvation!

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