Eight years ago when I committed to actually allowing my hair to remain in its natural state, there were very little products available for my hair.  By this time, we had two girls, nine and eleven years, whose hair had never been relaxed or straightened.  My mom brought me a ‘proper’ comb, (it does not bend) and petroleum jelly, whenever she visited.  Both limited the tugging and pulling, which is the bane of a mother’s existence (one reason why we resort to relaxing a child’s hair). I suppose, I was just waiting for the right time to relax or straighten the girls’ hair. Up to this point, I stayed in the babies and children’s lane for their shampoo and conditioner. And then I decided to leave my hair in its natural state and that changed everything.  YouTube became my favorite research site, there I found Naptural85, who was willing to share her secrets with the world, and the best part; it was free.  She is still on YouTube and still shares her passion for natural hair.  I do recommend her channel.  These are a few products, I have used consistently throughout the years, for my natural hair.  As a matter of fact, these are the only products, I have ever used and will ever use.  I love these products; they have consistently given me the best results.  If you are just starting out or feel the need to try something new, here are my picks.

I co-wash (use a conditioner as my shampoo) every week.  Once a month, I will deep-condition my hair and also use shampoo.  I have been using Herbal Essence Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner for eight years.  Our hair (the girls use it too) love it.  the conditioner is extremely thick, which helps in the detangling  process.  20170718_13220920170718_122147

After washing, these are my products; olive oil and plain water in a spray bottle and my shea butter mixture. IMG_126920170718_122313IMG_1268

I use raw shea butter as my base, quickly double-boil, then I add the coconut oil after it cools.  I use these carrier (including olive oil) and essential oils in my mixture; the carrier oils to begin the process of blending.  The oils may change, it usually depends on what I have in the house. After it hardens again into a solid, I then add the essential oils and blend for a few more minutes.  Again, this has been our way of taking care of our hair for the past eight years.  20170718_123653 (1)20170718_124629 (1)20170718_12253720170718_122901IMG_0742

These products have been in my routine for the past eight years.  You may have realized, I do not like to try new things, also I do not like to spend a lot of money of my hair.  I like to ensure that my hair is manageable and healthy and I know that these products take care of it, best.  What are some of your favorite products for your hair?

11 responses to “MY NATURAL HAIR STAPLES”

  1. Hello to you and thanks for the like!
    I am that you have a creme that’s for everyone in your house!!! I am going to make the cream but am wondering if you know of a substitute for Almond Oil? We have two kids that are allergic to them.

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  2. I had curls when I was a toddler.. my sister cut my hair with paper scissors. and it grew in straight as a string!
    Your shea butter looks great.. I bet it smells amazing! It is wonderful you want to go natural..
    Maybe one day you will have your own product line 🙂

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  3. Really like the oil suggestions here… have been natural for over 2 years. Will tray “as I am”… I do use Shea Moisture but because I work out so much and sweat in my hair, I have to wash every 3 days minimum. Co-wash I don’t do often but need to step that up more. Going to try your oil blend suggestions as well. Thanks for sharing this.

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