On Sunday, we celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary!  Twenty three years of laughter and tears.  Twenty three years of blessings, happiness and contentment.  Marriage has been good to me and for me. IMG_1402 I love this man and I am confident in his love for me.  I am confident not so much in him though, but more so, in the God, in him.  I know he will always love me, as long as he loves the Lord.  Because I know, he loves the Lord more than he loves me, I am secure in his love.  IMG_1412 God has used this institution called marriage to grow me, spiritually.  Before I got married, I was self-centered and selfish (yes, I was a Christian then too).   I hated to be unsure about things and didn’t like the feeling of insecurity.  I have learnt to rely less on me and more on the Lord, because making plans does not always ensure fruition.   I have learnt to take the Lord at His Word; when He makes a promise, He keeps it.  I have learnt that in order to be better than just an average wife, I have to give the Lord first place in my life.  I have learnt to monitor my thoughts and be deliberate in my duties, with regards to my role as a wife.  The other side of that coin is to allow my feelings or circumstances to dictate my actions, which at times, I am still apt to do.  IMG_1409Marriage has been good for me; I have come to the conclusion that I cannot control people, to make them do what I want.  I also cannot always control, nor manipulate my circumstances to get out of it what I want.  Ultimately, I have learnt to trust the Lord, as a result of being married.  Cheers to another twenty three years!   IMG_1403


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