Did you set any spiritual, physical goals for yourself, in 2017?  I once read somewhere, that we remember life’s high points and low points.  This implies that we remember the very good things or the very bad things that happen in our lives.  Are we able to recall any of the good points? Or are they overshadowed by the low points?  What has the past seven months been like?  Have there been more good than bad? Or more bad than good?What was the criteria used to judge? Was it a comparison between someone or something else?  Have we all been constantly spending time with the Lord and in His Word?  It is hard to be thankful and grateful for our circumstances without that time with the Lord. The grace of God usually tapers the worst of most circumstances.  The worst that can happen to any one person is for them to die without accepting Christ as their Savior.  There is nothing worse than that.  eph 2 8

There are over two hundred mentions of the word ‘grace’ in the Bible. This word or variations of it is used frequently in songs, like this one, ‘Grace, Grace’ written by Julia H Johnson, published in 1910 (an old one but a good one).

It is a word used by leaders, pastors, and by you and me.   It brings fuzzy feelings when we think about it.  We say things like, ‘if not for the ‘grace’ of God’; or ‘the Lord has been ‘gracious’ to me’, and my favorite ‘oh, the ‘grace’ of God’.  It is a good word.  We have great promises found in the Word of God like Romans 3:24 (go ahead; read it).

A common definition of grace, used in Sunday school classes all over the world, is ‘God’s free and unmerited favor toward man’.   I did nothing for it, I possessed nothing sufficient for it.  It is freely given to me.  I was not pretty enough, good enough, rich enough.  The ‘bad’ things that happened to me still did not make me a candidate for it.  I did not; do not deserve it. This great grace is extended to all mankind. It will cost us nothing; it has already been paid in full! It is a gift from God to me and to you! The Holy, Righteous, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient God extended his grace to me! What shall I say in response to that?



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