Where did November go? In just a few days, December will be here. There in the distance is January, 2018.  Can you remember what happened in January or even February?  Can you trace the Hand of God?  Has He been faithful?  Can you see His love, mercy and grace throughout the past months? I must admit that I had to go through my prayer journal to recall January and February. (See, prayer journals help!). In January and February, I read through the Gospel of John.  Did you know that Jesus was talking to Nicodemus during that familiar verse; John 3:16?  I do know the story of Nicodemus, I just never connected the two! I must have memorized it in isolation!  Huh!  (Keep reading for the giveaway)IMG_2430


The book of Job is such a fascinating story.  Did you know that there were four people with Job, not three? In Job 2, the Bible introduces three friends, but in that setting was a fourth person.  Go ahead, read it for yourself.  Now, don’t make promises, you won’t keep.  Begin reading today, instead of the ‘new year’.  I enjoyed reading this book.  I imagined Job was very frustrated with his friends, don’t you think?  As a matter of fact, in Job 13:5, he says, “Oh, that you would be silent, And it would be your wisdom!”  Wow! Yet, until the Lord spoke, they refused to believe in his innocence.  IMG_1846I tried to envision myself in this scenario.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. How quick I am at times, to judge others without all the facts; to believe the worst about people, without giving them the benefit of a doubt,  to put them in a defensive position, because of their circumstances. What does that say about me? Perhaps a bit self righteous of me, don’t you think?  I guess I have something else to work on, so that the New Year does not become ‘just another year’.  But of course, I am sure you would never do something like that! So, what are some things you want to work on?  (Keep reading for the giveaway)IMG_2409


They’re so pwetty… I think these products are aesthetically pleasing. I have already spoken about this nail polish called Rouge Louboutin in this blog post.  (Click this link). This Lancôme mascara has also has its moment here too. (Click this link).  I still do like both these products and months later, I am still using them. I am not very good at using liquid eye liner.  Every time I have tried, the lines were haphazard and untidy.  After Anna and I just happened across a Sephora at the mall, (uhhh no!) we debated between two liquid liners, this Lancôme Grandiose Liner was one of them. IMG_2411 I like the thin line of the Lancôme better, because it was impossible to detect any mistakes, which I am prone to make.  It is very forgiving. I like that it bends, although I must admit, I do not understand its purpose. IMG_2413 I went with the brown color called Brun Mirifique, because it accentuates my brown eyes.  You can find it at Sephora IMG_2414 My friend told me about the Fenty Beauty lipstick in Uncensored, which was released on Thanksgiving Day. IMG_2415 It is a universal color, as it claimed.  It has more of an orange undertone.  But I actually really do like this color. It goes on a surprisingly bright, bold red, but thankfully tapers off to a matte, muted red.  I like the finish. IMG_2419 Although, I like a red lipstick, I do not want my lipstick to be the center of attention, you know what I mean? I am happy to report that this is a happy, beautiful lipstick.  Find it here at Sephora.  (Keep reading for the giveaway)


IMG_2424The Lord had truly blessed us here, with above seasonal temperatures, but alas, the cold has arrived.  Still, we are thankful, because it can always be wayyyy below zero. These shoes fit this weather perfectly. It covers the feet without completely hiding it.  The block heel helps with the comfort. IMG_2423The color is the perfect nude for my skin tone.  These shoes are my go-to, easy, just-don’t-think-about-it shoes.  I finally found these, at Urban Outfitters in the spring, after looking and waiting for a over a year, at the thrift store. They were on sale (of course) with an additional 20% off.  Perfect! They are beautifully made from a leather like material; access in and out of the shoes are easy, probably due to the elastic on the sides.  I found a similar pair here on eBay for a similar price.


IMG_2405Who does not like receiving gifts? This time of the year is the perfect time for gift-giving.  This box of goodies will make the perfect Christmas gift for you.  Included are a few of my favorite things throughout the past year. You can begin the year with one of my all-time favorite books, by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemoth titled Adorned.  You can read it by yourself (which is how I read mine), or begin a Bible Study with a group of friends (which is what I intend to do in 2018). A lovely prayer journal and a beautiful wall calendar, to help keep track in the New Year, are also provided.  Of course there are not one, but two eye shadow palettes, and face and eye brushes are also included, with the gorgeous Malibu Pier Pressure OPI nail polish.  This all can be yours, BUT FIRST, YOU MUST: 

  1. Follow this blog
  2. Comment on this blog post.

That’s all! Two simple steps!  This giveaway will run for two weeks, beginning today, November 27th and will end Monday, December 11th.    Thank you for entering.

Have a blessed day.  Remember, God’s love is unfailing, unwavering and unconditional!




  1. I loved the study of Job that we did in my Old Testament class. Loved the perspective that it gives on why we serve God.
    A giveaway is such a great idea!

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  2. Love Job’s account.. it’s a good reminder when we’re going through tough times and can strengthen our faith in God knowing he’ll never fail us 😊

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  3. I’m definitely intrigued by the mention of there being a fourth friend in Job. I’m gonna have to brush up on that reading to find out what I missed! haha. Also it’s really cool that you’re having this giveaway! I hope whoever wins the items will cherish them. I also hope that your blog will gain more popularity from this giveaway and that you’ll be able shine your light through it even more 🙂

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