IMG_0909Can you believe June is almost over?  We are almost through with six months!  Are you too busy? What about your walk with the Lord? A good thermometer of the condition of your walk with the Lord is your relationship with others.  Christ died for all men, because of His love of us.  He desires that those of us who know Him to be His light in a world filled with darkness.  He yearns for us to edify and encourage each other along this journey.   He longs for us to stand on His precepts and trust and rely on Him in our everyday life.  Six months have gone, time keeps marching forward and the ancient phrase, ‘time waits for no man’ is clearly evident today.  Let’s us make the most of the time we have now.  Let us start to strengthen each other to ‘stir up love and good works’ Hebrews 10:24.


IMG_0921Summer is finally here, although, very rarely does a week go by without rain. Sunshine and hot are two words, I have always associated with summer. Because of this, I have been using this Lancôme foundation powder. IMG_0928(1) I absolutely love this foundation.  It has a great finish; it smooths out the pores and does not settle in my fine lines, which is remarkable. I love that it provides me with the illusion of great skin and still remains light.  I should admit that this is a birthday gift, we bought for Anna. But she loves me, so she lets me use it.  Thanks baby girl.  IMG_0932 (Edited)I find myself reaching for this blush. It is perfect for my skin tone, it shows up so beautifully. It is easy to blend, even if you apply too much, which is great, because I have the tendency to do just that. I gives just a dusting of color, in spite of the pigment.  Because it is summer, I tend to skip eyeliner and use mascara to accentuate my eyes.  This is a mascara primer.  This is a tool  that prepares the lashes for mascara.  Usually, I would be skeptical about something like that, but I have to concede that it works. I give it a few seconds after applying and then use this Lancôme mascara and my lashes literally will touch my glasses.  The two are a phenomenal combination. IMG_0924(1) And it is not very difficult to remove, which is wonderful, because there is nothing more annoying than ‘hard to take off’ mascara.


I am not sure whether I have told you before, but I love shoes.  My favorites are stilettos, but I do appreciate a good pair (or should I say, cute) of flats. Look at my shoes!IMG_0937Isn’t it lovely?  The weaving of the white thread along the grey, I love it!  These Colin Stuart shoes were calling my name, literally shouted to me from across the store.  They are comfortable and cute.  What more can you ask for?  These shoes can be considered a neutral because of its grey color.  It can accessorize any outfit.  Jeans, white tee and a blazer, throw on these shoes and you will look like you put some thought into what you are wearing.  These shoes are a staple in my wardrobe. IMG_0942These White House Black Market jeans are perfect to pair with the shoes.  They were a tad bit too long so I cuffed the bottom.  They are stretchy without losing the shape. They reach just below the belly button and fits perfectly without leaving a gap. They are comfortable and make moving around easy.  This handbag! IMG_0825(1) Handbags are my favorite accessory, or perhaps that’s shoes?  I don’t know!  I can’t pick one!  The details on this handbag are incredibly beautiful!  The bag is constructed out of bamboo and the handles are made from a material called Bakelite.  The design is stunning. The handbag is very light and can fit more than the average bag, it’s size. Old and young people compliment this bag.  The older, because it is vintage and the young because it is trending.  I bought this handbag for $2.00!  $2.00!  Can you believe it! As a matter of fact, everything I am wearing including the Colin Stuart shoes and WHBM jeans were bought at the Thrift store. Therefore I could not provide links.  (Sorry) I love thrifting! IMG_0936


There is so much going on in our lives.  There are people, events, and responsibilities all vying, daily, for our attention.  Most of us are ‘fixers’. Perhaps some of you are task-oriented people like me.  Sometimes, it seems like there are more dark days than sunny ones, literally and figuratively.  When life throws you the curve balls; the one disaster after another should force us to run to The Almighty, All Powerful, Invincible God.  He is bigger than any problem that may come our way.  He is greater than any circumstance in our lives.  He is our best Defense against the hopelessness and insecurities of life.  May our hearts find comfort, peace and hope in the Lord.  May we trust Him and take Him at His Word.  He promises ‘to never leave us, nor forsake us’ (Hebrews 13:5).

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