I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, “Where has the time gone?”  There are only four days left in the month!  This month has been busy, hasn’t it?  There have been numerous natural disasters: such as Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and others, and there have also been earthquakes; numerous people are still affected by these calamities.  Where is God in all of this?  Did He abdicate His throne?  Does He not care about us? Romans 8 18

Are you frustrated with your ‘lot’ in life?  Perhaps this is not the path you envisioned?  A friend once told me that God works everything out for good, even if, it is not for their good.  Is that what you think about the Lord?  Do you think He works it out for the good of others, perhaps as a whole and not for the individual?  Perhaps you believe that your problems are too minor for God.  Take the time to answer those questions, because what you believe about God, determines the decisions you make, it determines your speech, your way of life.  It literally defines you.  One of the passages of the scripture that reminds me to straighten my spine, shoulders back, and chin up is Psalm 27 and 139.  I do enjoy the book of Psalm; God’s Word is so very valuable today, please don’t miss what He is saying to you.  PS 139 16



This palette is all you need for most eye shadow looks.  It is compact and the colors are absolutely beautiful and true.  Every color is wearable and the payoff is amazing. This is the  Tarte Rainforest of the Sea volume II eye shadow palette.  The shadows are very pigmented and creamy. Usually, I go for just a hint of color on the eyes, thus making this, the perfect palette.  I used it for my summer travels and it did not disappoint. It came in a subscription box, but you can find it here, at Sephora. IMG_1833IMG_1831

You will not be disappointed with any of Elizabeth Arden’s beautiful, richly scented perfumes. But this Untold is simply amazing.  It is perfect for fall with its combination of fruity, floral scent.  It is very potent and the scent lingers for hours.  The best part is the beauty of the bottle.  The attention to detail is superb; I love the slightly twisted shape with the gold plate around it. I promise you will find yourself reaching for it too. You can find it here, on Amazon.  IMG_1821

I love a new nail polish, but the downside is finding a nail polish remover that will not cause the nails to become brittle and weak.  This Cutex is perfect and the best part is, it is under $3.00.  It removes the polish quickly, even glitter nail polish (and you know the frustration involved in removing that polish!). It also provides great nutrients for the cuticles. It has an oil-like base which leaves the nails looking healthy.   You can find it here, at Target.


A little birdie named Anna thought of me, when she saw this handbag at  a local consignment store.    And she was absolutely right.  Have you ever seen anything more gorgeous?  I refer to it as my ‘box bag’, because of the square shape.  It has a plastic lining and a leather exterior. It holds quite a bit, so I do not have to compromise with what I can take with me.  It is very light and comes with a shoulder strap and a top handle. Oh the details: the silver metals at the corners and the metal hinge closure.  I love it, because it is a vintage piece and was impossible to find on the ‘net’ (sorry).   It is different and always a conversation starter. IMG_0823IMG_0838These Aldo strappy sandals were made with comfort in mind.  The faux snake skin detail is amazing and the tassels just give the feet a fun and cute look.  They have a 4 inch heel height, with a minimal platform, but still remain comfortable, because they hold the feet with the three straps and the tassels.  They are a great and an easy, everyday pair of shoes.  I wear them with jeans, dresses and skirts.  These are great summer shoes, I found on sale at DSW for under $20.00.  They were a bit difficult to find, but I found a similar pair here, on Amazon.


I love music.  My mode of exercise is running. I love the solitude; just me and my music, but not the sound of feet, hitting the pavement. Lately, Blanca has been my jam.  I love her voice; she fulfills my desire for upbeat, fast paced music.  Her lyrics meet the godly standard because it has been said, “Garbage in, garbage out”.  And her style of music has a beautiful, almost Caribbean rhythm.  She is from Puerto Rico.  I highly recommend her, if you like that kind of music. IMG_1845

Have you begun reading the book of Job?  It will capture your attention from the very beginning. One of the resounding themes of this book is that bad things happen to ‘good’ people.  ‘Good’ is in quotation marks because here I answer the question, Do good people really exist?.  If you want to know the answer to that question, check out this blog post.

Anyway, Job had quite a bit of horrible things happen to him, within a short space of time.  I wonder how many of us would choose to walk in his shoes, without knowing the end of the story.  But the good news is we do know the end of the story.  We do know that God is God of His Word.  We do know that He is God and He has control over everything.  He does and He allows.  Don’t give up, the end is in sight.  Have a great day.


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