Hey, how are you doing today?  How is your day? How was your week?  Here, the Lord has blessed us with above seasonal temperatures.  It has been bright, beautiful, sunny, dry days, lately.  I love days like these, it makes my heart happy.  Although, I sometimes have to remind myself to actually go outside; to really take advantage of the day.  There are days, when I forget.  I allow life to creep in and sometimes ruin my day.  I concede to the chores and duties and responsibilities and curve balls that life throws at me.   I forget to find pleasure in the sunshine that the Lord has sent my way.  There is a saying by David Gerrold, that I have heard many times, but never like this: “Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you. Be grateful it happens in that order.”  Haha.  Perhaps like me, you’ve only ever heard the first part of that quote.  Perhaps like me, you’ve asked that question; ‘why is life so hard?’  Here are a few verses that have reminded me that life is only overwhelming, when I fail to allow the Lord full control. Matthew 6 26 27

PS 139 16PS 56 8

What have you done for you, lately?  Oooooyeah… Here are a few things I do for me, that enables me to be profitable; to be a sane, steady, sanctified me.  To be more than just a ‘good’ wife, mother, sister, friend, daughter and all the other roles, the Lord has given me.

  1. Spend time with the Lord.  Read the Bible and pray. Ask for forgiveness and commit your ways to Him.  IMG_1331
  2. See number one!  It really works!
  3. Read a good book!  Read; it is good for you; expand your brain. I recommend Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s ‘Adorned’. She reminds me that I am not alone in the world; that people need me. img_0429
  4. Put on some loud music, or use headphones and dance!  My kids claim I’m crazy, but if they only knew that I’m saving them from me, they would be thankful.  img_0032
  5. Make your own face mask to scare family members, then take the few minutes to have a bath while they’re hiding.  Here is one, I enjoy making at home: you need a cup of coffee grains (can be used), honey (enough to hold the mixture together), a quarter cup of sugar and a tad (tiny bit) lime or lemon, mix together and viola! Or just get your favorite store bought one.IMG_0819(1)
  6. Paint your toenails red and your fingernails light pink; my favorite colors. But of course, you can use whatever colors work for you.feet1
  7. Call a friend and spend an hour on the phone with her.  Talk about everything, and do some listening while you’re at it.
  8. Do something you’ve always wanted to do; begin a blog, learn to ride a bike or whatever you want to do.
  9. Take your camera and go for a walk.  Take photos of whatever catches your attention.   My favorites are photos of nature. IMG_0862dscf2085DSCN0213
  10. Go shopping!  Thrift shopping or any kind of shopping, but please, please, not grocery shopping!

Being a Christian does not exempt us from difficult times, but we can choose to ‘cast all our cares upon Him’ and take hold of the ‘peace that passes all understanding’. Have a fantastic day!


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