HELP HIM…please

Wow, well ready or not, August is here, perhaps like me, it definitely came too soon.  In just a few weeks, our house will go from four to two people.  Too soon, my husband and I will be empty-nesters.  Our house will go from kids running up and downs the stairs; no more constantly driving … More HELP HIM…please


‘I love you”.  Three little words, yet their impact on the world, throughout the ages, have been and still is unprecedented.  Everyone desires to be loved.  Adults and kids alike, attend therapeutic sessions because they’ve never heard the words from their parents.  Yet these words circulate the globe in every language.  People bandy these three little … More WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME?


Hey Friends, how are you today? It’s a beautiful morning in my neck of the woods.  The cicadas are already singing praises to our God.  I love the sound of cicadas.  They usually seem to herald the beauty of sunshine, hot and humid weather, which is, of course the epitome of summer.  How are you … More I HAVE ARRIVED!