Good day friends, how are you today? How was your week? September is here friends, Christmas is right around the corner, are you ready for this glorious event?  Although, I love, love the changes that comes with each new season; I’m quite happy that fall hasn’t quite reached our neck of the woods.  The leaves are still vibrantly green, the sun is shining, the butterflies are still flittering from bush to bush and the cicadas can still be heard. 

Yes, summer will linger just a little while longer and I thank the Lord for every minute of it.  The average temperature is about 75°, praise the Lord. I do look forward to fall, but unfortunately winter has this sneaky way of infringing on fall’s season, thereby taking much more time that she should and outstaying her welcome.  I will endeavor to live in this moment and take it one day at a time.  

Time is precious isn’t it? Perhaps, time is even more precious because of the recent catastrophes in the world. With everything that’s happening today; from the shootings to the devastations caused by natural disasters, it may be difficult to trust the God of the Universe is still in control.  It’s easy to ask, ‘where is God in all of this?’  

The answer is truly easy to say but very difficult at times to believe.  The Lord is in control; not only is He in control and aware of the groaning of the earth, He does, and He allows.  He is actively involved in His creation; from the busy ants to the even busier humans.  It may seem terrible today, but can you imagine a world without the engagement of the Holy and Loving God? I guess perhaps the question isn’t ‘where is God?’  but rather ‘do I believe in the goodness, grace and mercy of God?’

Maybe I believe somehow, I am more loving, more merciful and more gracious than God, after all, I would never allow so many lives to be so senselessly lost. Taking a look at my actions will reveal what I truly believe.  

Be encouraged friends, the God of the Universe did not abdicate His throne. Whatever difficulty this life may send our way, or even perhaps our actions may have brought it our way; however big or small, we will trust Him with it. He knows us, He loves us, each day comes with tailor made grace and mercy, just for you.  

Trust His heart, when life’s circumstances seem dire.  He always keeps His promises and He promised to forever be there, even through the mountains in our lives.   How are you today? What are your plans for fall? 

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