Hey friends, how are you today? I am a bit under the weather today, my husband decided to ‘share’ his most recent ‘gift’, that of a cold.  While we are still in the season of ‘sharing’, anyone out there want some of mine? I’ll be happy to ‘share’ with you. Today is going to be a beautiful day, I can just feel it already.

We had a chilly start to our day; it’s 56° presently, but the meteorologist tells us to expect a fabulous high of 82°. Thank You, Lord.  The chirping of the birds can now be heard above the desperate cries of the cicadas.  They are as sad as I am, that summer is quickly coming to an end.  The leaves are still a wonderful, vibrant green and the sunshine feels absolutely glorious.  I love days like these; days filled with all the signs of summer. It makes my heart happy, in spite of fact that a new ‘head’ would be welcomed because this one is a tad bit stuffy and cottony.   

Do you think a Christian’s life is dull and boring? I must admit when I was much younger, I did believe that a Christian’s life wasn’t very exciting.  There seemed to be more don’ts’ than dos’ and seemingly most of the ‘fun’ things were in the don’t pile.  Christians shouldn’t do this… Christian’s shouldn’t go there… Christian’s shouldn’t say this… Christian’s shouldn’t wear that…. There were so many shouldn’ts’! What can Christians actually do then? What did Christians do for fun? To a teenager, the Christian life didn’t sound like it had much to offer.   I still hear Christians, especially those of us, who have walked with the Lord awhile, say the same things today.  

Today, I wonder… if we’ve walked with the Lord awhile, why would we still say these words? Do you think the Christians’s life is dull and boring? Honestly, I don’t think my life is dull nor is it boring and I am a Christian.  The Lord has indeed placed limits on my actions, but I’ve come to the realization that it’s for my own good.  I have lived for a few number of years and I have no desire to exchange my life for someone’s, who does not know the Lord as their Savior.  Do you know my God? I mean… really, really know Him (as much as He allows us to, that is).  

Yes… there are lots of things I should not do and say and on the days when I succeed in not doing these things that the Lord has said I shouldn’t, I am guilt free.  But on the days, when I do fail, and I do those things which clearly goes against the Word of God; I find forgiveness and love and mercy and grace awaiting me.  

On the other hand, I have so much as a Christian, my cup is overflowing.  I have hope, I have unfailing love, I have unwavering grace and mercy, I have unlimited forgiveness and I have eternal life.  

Life throws all of us, unwanted curve balls.  We all experience times of trouble and disasters. And when times like these come my way as a Christian, the most difficult thing out of this disaster, isn’t the disaster itself, but my trust and belief in the presence and love of God.  

I am blessed my friends, far more than those without my Savior.  I have far more of everything, than they could ever possess.  

No. my life isn’t perfect; but the truth is, no one can claim that title, saved or unsaved.  No one is happy all the time; saved or unsaved.  No one lives an exciting and exuberant lifestyle all the time (even by the the world’s standard); saved or unsaved.  But the life I live as a Christian has far more to offer, than a life lived outside of the Lord.  Do you know my God? Is your life dull or boring? 

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40 responses to “DULL? BORING? I DON’T THINK SO!”

  1. Hi Brenda! What a great post. I used to think Christianity was boring when I was younger and then I grew up and realized that, that what the world thinks is fun and living life is actually death. And that being a child of God had way more benefits, than what the world has to offer.

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  2. Brenda you are looking fabulous as always! This was a really great post! It resonated with me! We don’t like it, but change is necessary. I admit when I was younger I also thought Christians led boring lives. With a lot of don’t thrown in the mix, but I heard an explanation one time like this: you know if someone enters the military, there are rules that have to be followed for our own good. And it’s the same way with being a Christian. So if those who are not Christians have rules that have to be followed, then why should we as Christians think we shouldn’t have any to follow, as well? Or even more so? It made perfect sense to me! 🙂

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    • Amen 🙏🏽 I did not think about it as it relates to following rules, but you are so right. Even on regular jobs, we have rules to follow. Right now we are on the Lord’s business, there are rules to follow 😄😄 that’s a great comment, Renee


  3. As a Christian teenager I “missed out” on some of the parties and things I could not participate in. As an old woman now I am so thankful that I also “missed out” on the heartache that many of my friends suffered because they did not follow the boundaries set out by our Savior. At 71, as I look back on my life, I realize that staying within the boundaries God set for me has given me a blessed life. Praying your cold does not last long.

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  4. Those who are without Christ, or who do not let themselves be filled with Him, cannot then be filled with His overflowing joy and peace. Therefore, they are always searching, desiring to find something to fill that void; and Christianity doesn’t look like it fits that void. But once you Know, your life is never the same. I am everlastingly filled with the awesomeness of the Holy Spirit. That’s exciting!


  5. Brenda,
    I’m so sorry you’ve got a cold. Ugh! The only good thing is that the weather is still good and warm enough that you can sit out in the sun. Perhaps the sun will dry it up (while you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated). When I got a cold, at work I’d say, “I have a free cold! Who wants a free cold?” Oddly enough, no one wanted a cold–even though it was free! 🙂
    My little joke served to throw a bit of humor in the work day. Hope you get rid of yours very soon.

    Like you, all I used to see about the Christian life was the “don’ts”. But now I am so happy the boundaries are there; they prove the Lord loves us and cares for us (if we needed any proof besides the cross). The Christian life is exciting because the Lord brings up opportunities, helps us grow in maturity and leave dark and unfruitful things behind. The Lord has the best in mind for us anyone could have, and that is exciting in itself. He’s brought changes in me I could never have worked out for myself–much needed changes. There’s always great possibilities with God.

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    • 😂😂😂🤧I wish some one would take the ‘free’ cold from me 😂😂 even my husband is staying away, when he is responsible 🙈 there is nothing more exciting than the life lived as a Christian. The Lord has been good to us and His blessings are numerous God bless you abundantly


  6. When I saw the title for your post my first reaction was- No way. Brenda could never be dull or boring. 🙂

    My life has been much more exciting and adventurous since I rededicated my life to Jesus in October 1989. He has taken me to be on 11 different ministry trips in other countries. 🙂

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  7. Darrell Scott preached about this recently. Here’s an excerpt that I had saved in my drafts (along with 54 other posts…):

    “Sometimes God’s hedgings, restrictions, and restraints are part of God’s divine plan to protect us from danger, saints of God, that we are not able to see …

    “Success sometimes is very hard to sustain with dignity and decorum … in light of the fact that pride can be a very destructive force in our life. Sometimes, success is a lot harder to handle than failure is. Good times are a lot harder to handle than bad times are. … In bad times, we learn how to be faithful to God because we know that if not for him on our side, we wouldn’t be able to make it through. …

    “He knows how much we can bear — good and bad.

    “He won’t let more money be put in your pocket than you’re able to bear either. … Sometimes the good is much more destructive than the bad is.

    “God knows how much we can achieve without being ruined or without being spoiled … he knows how much we can have without getting a big head …

    “God’s goal is not the making of highly successful people. God’s goal is the making of saints.

    “[The Bible says to] do justly, have mercy, and walk humbly before him. … God’s way is the best way. Oftentimes, our restrictions can be a blessing. …

    “[When he was in the army, the drill sergeant would say] ‘Forward march,’ and they’d march us right up to a brick wall, and they would say, ‘Who told you to stop? I didn’t tell you to stop. I told you to go forward.’ Now we’re all mashed up against the brick wall, but our feet are still moving. … Because we’re learning how to obey orders. We’re learning a discipline that we can’t learn any other way. …

    “[R]estraint and restriction is essential for our progress. The restraint that’s holding us back is in reality the thing that is pushing us forward. You have to understand there are things that seem to lock us in or keep us bound, but they are really [keeping the] train from going off the tracks. … Oftentimes, what we feel is holding us back … or holding us down is the very thing that is moving us forward or causing us to go higher. The Christianity that is holding us back — some people get to a point where they think Christianity is holding them back. … back from carnality, back from fornication, back from alcohol. This Christianity that is holding us back from drugs and back from dishonesty is actually moving us forward. …

    “God is not only keeping you from some things, God is keeping some things from you because there’s security in salvation, insulation …

    “I don’t have to worry if I’m going to wake up with an STD in the morning. I don’t have to worry that the police are going to kick my door down at 3 o’clock a.m. I don’t have to be concerned that I’m going to overdose. … I don’t have to watch my back on a continual basis because … out here in this environment and it’s not safe out here. …”

    Eventually I’ll post this in my own blog, lol. I feel like I could post three times a day and still not catch up.

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