Hey friends, how are you today? I am a bit under the weather today, my husband decided to ‘share’ his most recent ‘gift’, that of a cold.  While we are still in the season of ‘sharing’, anyone out there want some of mine? I’ll be happy to ‘share’ with you. Today is going to be a beautiful day, I can just feel it already.

We had a chilly start to our day; it’s 56° presently, but the meteorologist tells us to expect a fabulous high of 82°. Thank You, Lord.  The chirping of the birds can now be heard above the desperate cries of the cicadas.  They are as sad as I am, that summer is quickly coming to an end.  The leaves are still a wonderful, vibrant green and the sunshine feels absolutely glorious.  I love days like these; days filled with all the signs of summer. It makes my heart happy, in spite of fact that a new ‘head’ would be welcomed because this one is a tad bit stuffy and cottony.   

Do you think a Christian’s life is dull and boring? I must admit when I was much younger, I did believe that a Christian’s life wasn’t very exciting.  There seemed to be more don’ts’ than dos’ and seemingly most of the ‘fun’ things were in the don’t pile.  Christians shouldn’t do this… Christian’s shouldn’t go there… Christian’s shouldn’t say this… Christian’s shouldn’t wear that…. There were so many shouldn’ts’! What can Christians actually do then? What did Christians do for fun? To a teenager, the Christian life didn’t sound like it had much to offer.   I still hear Christians, especially those of us, who have walked with the Lord awhile, say the same things today.  

Today, I wonder… if we’ve walked with the Lord awhile, why would we still say these words? Do you think the Christians’s life is dull and boring? Honestly, I don’t think my life is dull nor is it boring and I am a Christian.  The Lord has indeed placed limits on my actions, but I’ve come to the realization that it’s for my own good.  I have lived for a few number of years and I have no desire to exchange my life for someone’s, who does not know the Lord as their Savior.  Do you know my God? I mean… really, really know Him (as much as He allows us to, that is).  

Yes… there are lots of things I should not do and say and on the days when I succeed in not doing these things that the Lord has said I shouldn’t, I am guilt free.  But on the days, when I do fail, and I do those things which clearly goes against the Word of God; I find forgiveness and love and mercy and grace awaiting me.  

On the other hand, I have so much as a Christian, my cup is overflowing.  I have hope, I have unfailing love, I have unwavering grace and mercy, I have unlimited forgiveness and I have eternal life.  

Life throws all of us, unwanted curve balls.  We all experience times of trouble and disasters. And when times like these come my way as a Christian, the most difficult thing out of this disaster, isn’t the disaster itself, but my trust and belief in the presence and love of God.  

I am blessed my friends, far more than those without my Savior.  I have far more of everything, than they could ever possess.  

No. my life isn’t perfect; but the truth is, no one can claim that title, saved or unsaved.  No one is happy all the time; saved or unsaved.  No one lives an exciting and exuberant lifestyle all the time (even by the the world’s standard); saved or unsaved.  But the life I live as a Christian has far more to offer, than a life lived outside of the Lord.  Do you know my God? Is your life dull or boring? 

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