Hello, my friends, how are you today? What are your plans for the day? We’ve had the best weather all week long.  The mornings have been a bit chilly, usually about 45°; perfect for a robe and coffee as I read the Word of God and tell Him of my plans and my desires.  What does your morning look like? As the day progresses, the sun comes out, but not as hot as true summer, with the skies beautifully blue.  Love days like these.  I will surely miss summer.  On my way to work, I think I will stop at the cutest vintage store, yep, that’s a good plan. 

Inside Cup from is a blog I have been following for quite some time.  She is a military wife who loves the Lord and that is demonstrated throughout the words on each post.  Check out her blog, you will not regret it, I promise you.  Come back and thank me later.  She regularly does a post, where she highlights comments and I thought that was a fantastic idea.  I enjoy reading all your comments.  There are some though, that bring laughter my way, and others that are the perfect ending to the posts, but I didn’t think about it.  You did! There are many more comments that could have made it here, but I ran out of space.  Check out the comments and also check out the bloggers, the links have been provided for you. Again, thank me later, these are wonderful friends and beautiful people.   


Ada Orie Ada’ I just taught Bible Study on Ephesians 5:21-33. Submission used to be extremely hard for me and God has really done a work in me. I am human so I am not 100% right but I have come a long way. I am not ready for fall but I am going to get ready. We have four seasons for a reason.

sparksfit Surrendera sometimes hard but always beautiful thing to do when done biblically.


Dawn from When we are truly connected to Jesus there is no boredom in sight. He takes us on a purposeful adventure.

EJ. Hi Brenda! What a great post. I used to think Christianity was boring when I was younger and then I grew up and realized that, that what the world thinks is fun and living life is actually death. And that being a child of God had way more benefits, than what the world has to offer.

Kathy Wire. Those who are without Christ, or who do not let themselves be filled with Him, cannot then be filled with His overflowing joy and peace. Therefore, they are always searching, desiring to find something to fill that void; and Christianity doesn’t look like it fits that void. But once you Know, your life is never the same. I am everlastingly filled with the awesomeness of the Holy Spirit. That’s exciting!

Scribelady. Brenda, I’m so sorry you’ve got a cold. Ugh! The only good thing is that the weather is still good and warm enough that you can sit out in the sun. Perhaps the sun will dry it up (while you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated). When I got a cold, at work I’d say, “I have a free cold! Who wants a free cold?” Oddly enough, no one wanted a cold–even though it was free! 🙂 My little joke served to throw a bit of humor in the workday. Hope you get rid of yours very soon. Like you, all I used to see about the Christian life was the “don’ts”. But now I am so happy the boundaries are there; they prove the Lord loves us and cares for us (if we needed any proof besides the cross). The Christian life is exciting because the Lord brings up opportunities, helps us grow in maturity and leave dark and unfruitful things behind. The Lord has the best in mind for us anyone could have, and that is exciting in itself. He’s brought changes in me I could never have worked out for myself–much needed changes. There’s always great possibilities with God.

What are your plans for the day? Are you thinking about shopping too?

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25 responses to “YOU SAID IT!!!”

  1. I’m so glad to see you do this! ❤ Aw, thanks for the shout out! I'm so sorry I didn't see this until now!

    My husband finished his term in 2017 so I don't know if I'm still considered a military wife or not, but I can certainly relate to those who are.

    The quotes I share on Quotes From You are a snippet from another blogger's post with their post linked. THOUGH, I've considered doing a separate favorite comments of the month. I have a lot of spotlights, so I don't think I will. I'm glad to see others do it. 🙂

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  2. What a great idea Brenda I noticed another blogger doing the same this morning. 😀
    I’m thinking about purchasing clumping bamboo plants for our side garden this morning for a living green privacy screen 😀

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  3. Fall is definitely here in our neck of the woods 🙂 This is my favorite season, so I am trying to enjoy it to the fullest! My plans for the day are to go outside while it is still warm and sunny. It will be snowing all too soon so we are going out to enjoy the nice weather for as long as possible. (Maybe we will slip in some science later today….maybe 😉 ) God Bless!

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    • I missed you, my friend. Fall is just arriving, praise the Lord. Hopefully the longer it takes to get there, the further away winter will be 😂😂 although we’ve had snow on green leaves before (Lord, help us). Let’s live in the moment and enjoy the beauty of each day. How did science go?

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      • Science waited until today, lol. 🙂 At least we got outside and as far as I am concerned, that counts as “school”, lol! After our oldest was born (October 2nd) we had SIX snow storms in a row..all before she was three weeks old. It was ridiculous! Praying for a milder winter than that! God Bless!

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  4. Good morning Brenda! I start my day the same way you do–my robe, coffee, and Jesus. Oh, and our German Shepherd, Sasha, usually lays near me. ☺
    I am going to do a little shopping today. I’m checking out a store with my sister called “Posh and Pine” that is relatively new to our community. I love checking out local, small businesses. So much fun!! Enjoy your weekend!

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