Hey friends, SURPRISE! I know it’s not normal for me to write a post on a Sunday, but here I am. How are you today? Are you or did you go to church today? Today at our church, we celebrate the children.  Today the kids are in charge of the service, I am looking forward to it … More HAVE YOU SEEN IT?


Hello Friends, how are you today? There is a Cardinal calling to its friends outside my window.  He is probably telling them don’t be anxious for anything.  I think cardinals are my favorite birds.  The beautiful, vibrant red color of the male is absolute perfection, not even Louboutins come close. They have different bird calls; I … More LOVED MORE THAN THESE


Good day friends, how are you today? How was your weekend? The sun finally came out this morning and with it comes warmer weather.  Our weekend was a tad bit chilly, we were in the 60°s, all weekend long and that was our high temperature.  Yesterday was cloudy, wet and cold; very ‘fall’, if I … More IS CHURCH OPTIONAL?