Hello Friends, how are you today? There is a Cardinal calling to its friends outside my window.  He is probably telling them don’t be anxious for anything.  I think cardinals are my favorite birds.  The beautiful, vibrant red color of the male is absolute perfection, not even Louboutins come close.

red cardinal bird on tree branch
Photo by Harvey Reed on

They have different bird calls; I suppose different sentences have different bird sounds.  One would think the vibrancy of the colors would make them easily seen, but they are very good at hiding.  I wonder why the Lord gave such beauty to the males in the animal kingdom. I’ve always found that quite unique; usually beauty is seen in women, isn’t it? Are the female birds enchanted by their beauty or by their skills or can it be both? Sometimes, definitely not often enough, I am in awe of the greatness of my God; He gives such grace and beauty, efficiency and skills, to the animals around us.  No matter how many times I see them, the beauty and grace of these creatures always leave me flabbergasted.321D0580-3CA3-42B9-8EB0-B11333D2F1B26E4D0E2E-791D-4936-922B-328669BD87BBI love sunsets, I would love sunrises too, if I got up early enough.  Don’t judge! Sunsets are my thing; they make my heart glad, when I see them.  How can a sunset bring such a variety of colors? Strangely too, depending on the temperature and the clouds, they even dare to arrive with a whole new set of colors. Unbelievable! How do they do that? ‘Sunsets’; even the name tells you something amazing is about to happen.  Whoever came up with the name deserves a Noble Peace Prize. I guess if I goggled it I could tell you the name of that person, but I don’t feel like it.  The mixture of oranges, yellows, purples, grays, blues are incredible. I have seen people suddenly stop in their tracks at the stunning beauty of a sunset.  They usually encourage those around them to stop and take in the radiance of this phenomenon. Sometimes, definitely not often enough, I stand in awe of the majesty of my God, at the resplendence of a sunset. D9A92F40-8107-47CE-9911-4F16809127D5D641E631-B93D-47B3-8B30-65DA85BB76A12CD63D7C-2E92-4DA9-9DA9-1BE6F55775A0ADC2137E-1D8D-40A5-A326-09BC78BC2972How are you today? Sometimes it’s too easy for the words of others to affect how we view ourselves. With all the resplendence, beauty, grace and skills, creatures and sunsets may possess, we have far more.  We are more loved, more cherished by the Powerful, Majestic God. He gives us the birds and deers and turtles and sunsets for our enjoyment. He says, “See me”.  John 10 10We are more beautiful, we are worth more than any of these.  We are uniquely created.  We are so valuable, that a Loving Father sent His only Begotten Son to bear the punishment of our sins. (John 3:16)  He took it all; not just yesterdays’, but today’s and tomorrow’s and all future sins.  He came to earth with the express purpose of redeeming us.   He bought us back, with His blood, from Satan’s clutches. (Romans 4:25; I Peter 3:18) I Cor 15 3 4What makes this, so eventful is that, it’s a gift.  (Romans 5:15; Ephesians 2:8,9) It’s free and just in case you missed that, it will cost us nothing.  This free gift of salvation can only be obtained when we accept that Gift. First, we must understand we are not good people ~ (Romans 3:23). Then we must realize because of this, we are doomed to be eternally separated from our Creator. (Romans 6:23)   But our Lord does not want that for us.  Remember He sent His Son to be the sacrifice for our sins.  He is giving us a way out! We need saving, ladies and gentlemen and only the Savior can save us from the penalty of sin. No one is exempted. He died so that all can be saved. Salvation can be yours too, my friend.  Believe Him today and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, if you have not already done so.  How are you today? Have you accepted Christ as your Savior?closing1brenda


54 responses to “LOVED MORE THAN THESE”

  1. WOW! Everything in this post really struck a chord with me. I love cardinals and sunsets.
    It’s strange because in a small way I love the starkness of winter and the beauty of the bright red cardinal against that starkness is amazing.
    I have often marveled at how the males in the animal kingdom are so much more resplendent than the females, too!
    I constantly am in awe of sunsets, and I am definitely NOT a morning person. I lived in Texas many years when I was younger and seeing the sunsets stretch as far as the eye can see would sometimes move me to tears.
    Praise God for His free gift!

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  2. I love observing God’s beautiful creations, more importantly recognizing Him as the Creator of all!!! He deserves the praise..your way of explaining and sharing the gospel message at the end of your post was fantastic. I pray it would cause an unbeliever or someone questioning their faith to seek & love Him in a whole new way!!!!

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  3. I love this post! I have also found that when I feel anxious, and if I take a look around me – I can see the miracles of God’s creations everywhere! The trees, the mountains, the sky, the flowers. These bring me so much PEACE. It’s really hard to describe how it happens, but it just does! This really is an abundant life that we are blessed with. 🙂

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  4. You are looking beautiful today and i love all the pictures was just telling someone I think I need a camera because i enjoy God’s creation and my cell works but not the best but I found myself just taking random pictures of nature all around so I may invest in a better camera. Just been a thought for a couple days now. The pictures are lovely.

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  5. Oh I love Gods creatures and His beautiful artwork as well! I take pics of sunsets and rises all of the time. It is proof of His glory and love for us. Can you imagine living in a grey, bland world?! What a wonderful Father we have.

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  6. Lovely and inspiring post as always 🙂 I am so grateful that I have only to look out my window to see a constant reminder of God’s greatness and grace. If only I remembered to do so more often 🙂 God Bless!

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  7. I love sunsets too. Sunrise is fine but I don’t think it’s as beautiful and majestic. I’ve watch the sunset before completely it’s kind of a cool thing. I always think of how lovely it is that God paints the sky so beautiful for us to see.

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  8. I, too, love the beauty all around us in nature – the animals, the sky. I’m like you in that I love sunsets. I even live in a place called Sunset! I also love sunrises, but it’s hard to get up that early. 🙂 I’m thankful God has given us so much to enjoy. Most of all I’m thankful for His love and that He chose us to be His daughters! Blessings to you, sister! I’m your neighbor at #TrekkingThru and #TeaAndWord.

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