James 1 17Hi friends, happy Friday.  How was your week? Did you spend time with the Lord this week? What does your bible study look like? Do you study the Bible by topics, character, or by book? I am a book person, myself.   Right now, I am reading the book of Micah.  I just started a few weeks ago; I have completed the first five chapters. Micah began by proclaiming judgment against the people of Israel but primarily Judah for idolatry.  Later the Lord tells them He will save a remnant and He also tells them He will send a Savior.  What good news! rom 5 20Even in the face of disobedience, the grace of God forges on, encouraging repentance and offering deliverance.  Yes, I want more of this God.  I desire the God who calls out to me, the Only One Who searches for me, when I have lost my way.  I want the One True God Who invites me into His presence and reassures me that all is not lost, Who reminds me of the Hope that’s in me.  The only One whose love for me is unfailing, unwavering and unconditional; His love for me isn’t based on who I am nor on what I’ve done.  He loves me, in spite of me, He loves me.  Do you know my God?  Lauren Daigle You sayLauren Daigle has a new album, Look Up Child, and I am hard pressed to choose just one song as my favorite. Therefore I’ve decided I like all the songs on this album, but there is one that has captured my heart; one I find myself singing at the very top of my lungs, and ladies and gentlemen, it’s a good one.  It’s called ‘Love Like This’.  I just love that song.  I can relate to the oddity and the juxtaposition of the words. These ideas should not go together, yet they make complete sense.    But I do encourage you to listen to the entire album because another song may be just the one that calls out to you.  I love music; I think every chore becomes enjoyable with music.  Music is a beautiful gift from God that certainly brings a smile to my face and a spring in my steps.  What about you? What’s your least favorite chore and how do you make it enjoyable?  IMG_1171I love fall.  Did I already say that? I love the special attention the Lord gives to the sunsets and the sunrises; that purity of the colors, literally shout, “Can you see me?”  I also love the colors of the trees, the struggle that seem to take place within the temperature zones; they seem to go from cool to cold and unto freezing really, really quickly, with very little warning.  Most of us in Upstate NY prepare for fall by getting our winter gear ready, because it can and has snowed in October.  Our trees seem to still be producing chlorophyll, most of the leaves are still green and today’s temperature is a wonderful 83°. Yep! I love days like these; it’s like a gift from the Lord just for me.  It’s like He is saying, “Here, this is for you; enjoy.” To which I respond, “Thank You, Lord”. I am going to enjoy every warm, sunny, cloudless, fair, bright, beautiful, day my God grants to me.  Yes, He gives very good gifts and great days are one of them.   5D81A79B-447E-477B-8A07-033197150576FA78933C-06B8-47C7-8B67-13B34CD65D39Can you believe our baby is going to 18 tomorrow? I just can’t! How can this be? She was just a baby yesterday, where did the time go? And unfortunately, she spends her 18th birthday at college. Do you have a child or perhaps a ‘thing’ that keeps you on your knees before our Good, Good Father? This child was the one for me.  At birth, she suffered from acute acid reflux, then asthma, which she still has and flairs up at the worst times.  At two years old, a car drove over her, she fell out of a moving car and fell down a flight of stairs; all at the age of two.  Throughout the years, we’ve made countless trips to the ER, primarily for asthma attacks. For a while, ok, ok, quite a few years actually, I was convinced if I closed my eyes, something bad would happen. I couldn’t let her go.  But after one too many trips to the ER, the Lord reminded me that she isn’t mine. She is a gift from Him and she will always be His first. He reassured me that He loves her far more than I ever can. He said He is her best chance of life both present and eternal. I gave her to Him that day; I told Him, she is His.  I trusted in His absolute, untainted love for her.  Happy happy, birthday, Anna banana. PS. She has already been hit by a car, her first month at college.  That’s all I’m going to say about that, Lord.James 1 17Thank You, Lord for Your good gifts. I love and appreciate it all.  Help me to remember that the gifts should always remain just that; gifts.  They are not to replace You, nor take away my time with You. Thank you.

What are a few of your gifts?closing1brenda