Hey friends, how are you today? Today is going to be a scotching 92°. I do find it difficult to complain about the heat.  Winter is inevitable in my neck of the woods and we measure snow in feet.  It gets very dark and very gloomy and very snowy.  The roads become more treacherous and it’s always cold, right into the first three to four and sometimes even five months of the year. I am very thankful for this warm weather the Lord has given us.  I do appreciate the fact that we enjoy four seasons over here, even though I am quite convinced that Spring and Fall do not hang around for their complete cycle.  What’s your weather like in your neck of the woods? ED4C67F1-79F5-4A87-8C80-CBE9B4C9580CMarriage is a beautiful institution created by God to bring Him glory.  We honor the Lord when we allow Him to use our marriage to draw us closer Himself.  We glorify God not because we make Him any more God or any less God.  We do not make Him bigger nor can we make Him smaller.  We do not add anything to His stature nor can we take away anything from Him.  We glorify the Lord so that our friends and family can see His works in our lives. His glory is our testimony to a world in dire need of hope and love and forgiveness.I cor 13 6 7Here are a few lessons other bloggers have learnt on this journey called marriage; some will bring laughter, but all will have you shaking your heard in agreement.    Please go ahead; visit their blogs to get to know them. Do let them know we sent you over.  The overarching theme in these lessons is definite: PUT GOD FIRST!Matt 6 33Mary at  maryaperez  “No marriage is so good that it cannot be made better.” (Can I get an amen?)

Jennifer at Tea with Jennifer said “We have learnt in marriage, always pray together just before sleep, ending with a kiss good night. You can’t stay annoyed, angry or upset with the other then!”

Tina at God’s kid speaks said “Forgiveness is a big one. Learning to let go of the things we do that hurt each other, even if it was accidental or unintentional…We’ve learned peace and understanding…joy…laughter. Laughing at yourself is a good lesson. Team work…unity… loyalty…faithfulness…respect… accountability…and probably the best lesson we’ve learned is to put God first.”

Rose @ roses at dawn said “Communication!!! Life is so much sweeter when I remember that my way is not always the right way. Supporting each other through thick and thin is not always easy, sometimes you are giving 110%, sometimes he is. Sometimes it is half and half. (This is one of my husband’s thoughts on marriage, but he is so right!) But that is part of marriage and learning to put someone else’s needs before your own. Marriage has taught and continues to teach me to be unselfish. It’s a lot of hard work, but oh so very worth it! Marriage has brought me closer to God. Marriage is God’s gift to us

The Christian Blog Ghana said “I have come to understand that I also need to go on my knees and put my personal petitions before God and things are working out.”

Cindy Ingalls of Prime Beauty Blog said, “It’s important to remember you are part of a team. Being married means working together while also giving each other space to grow as individuals.”

Loved by the King of Kings –  “Pray for your husband. Even if he is in a bad mood or says something mean, pray for him.”

My Treasured Faith  – “Consider the other persons feelings. Really think about how they are feeling when they say “I’m tired today, I’m depressed today, I’m just mentally drained today” and then do something for them – a back rub, a foot rub ( oh yes!), bring them their favorite beverage/snack, etc. – even if you don’t really feel like it. Marriage is about both giving 100% /100 not 50/50. Sometimes one can’t give 100, but if both are giving- the “bank” is never empty”

Vivian at God’s Whispers of Truth, “I’m learning to be a better listener and less whiney.” (love that word: less)

Barbara Lane at Barbara lane blog, “My friendship with my husband is the most valuable and lasting part of our relationship. I can’t think of anyone I would rather “hang out” with than him. It is so important to work at keeping that friendship alive”

Believe4127 said “I was to be the wife He wanted me to be, no matter whether my husband was the husband I thought he should be. Also, I came to know my happiness was not my husband’s responsibility, nor was it my responsibility to make him happy. That happiness or contentment comes from the Lord.”

Lynn of Mad Hatter Poetry – “Remember God’s amazing grace and extend GRACE to your spouse…be the first to say sorry, the first to forgive”.

Erika of concrete detail blog – “marriage is not 50/50 it is 100%/100%. You give a hundred percent even if he is only giving 10. It is about how you respond not how he does. You can only control your actions, not his.”

And finally these tips are from my friend Sonya.  She has been married for 19 years, here are 5 lessons she has learnt throughout this time:

  1. Marriage is like a triangle, with God at the top.  As you move closer to God, you move closer to each other.
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  3. Learn to put your spouse’s needs before your own. It doesn’t mean you forget about yourself.
  4. Try to eat dinner together most evenings.
  5. Always take care of yourself.Matthew 6 26 27

Life tends to be messy at times, especially in marriage. Friends, nothing takes our Lord by surprise.  Take it all to Him, lay it at His feet.  He can handle it!!  How are you doing?closing1brenda