Hey friends, how are you today? Today, in my neck of the woods is a cloudy, dreary, day.  Yesterday’s sunshine and blue skies and warm weather is most certainly in the past.   Today we will have to make do with the cold and snow.  Did I tell you that we’ve been inundated with snow for the past week? I tried to take the snow off the car and my life flashed before my eyes.  

For a minute, there existed the possibility that the mountain of snow on top of the car would fall and bury me beneath the weight.  I was afraid no one would find my body until spring.  Needless to say, I left that job for the taller people in the family. Sorry,  I just couldn’t take the risk, I like life. How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? 

This week I’ve been studying Hannah.  Ladies, what do you think went through Hannah’s mind when Elkanah said this to her?

And men, what would be going through a man’s mind to say something like that to a woman? Mind you, this woman has been taunted and mocked and ridiculed by the second wife, who has children. Was he ignorant of the fact that this precious and loved wife of his was belittled and humiliated by the ‘other woman? Perhaps he believed his love was enough for her? Well… I must admit I admired Hannah’s response, I’m not sure it would have been mine. This truly is a fascinating story, go ahead… read it for yourself.  Write your thoughts in the comment section below.

Anyway, I decided to enjoy some retail therapy, which always brings me pleasure.  This is especially needed in times like these, not that I need an excuse to shop, but there you have it. I went with my thrift buddy, my second born, the first-born hates thrifting; she is her father’s child, she waits for me for me in the car, just like her dad.  But hey… we do what we must.  

This Banana Republic blazer is beautiful. I bought it for the design in the back
This DK Dressbarn blazer is perfect. The buttons and the lining color is the cream of the crop
Need I say more? Love the pattern of this W5
The color, the style; this White House Black Market dress called my name
This Zara dress is perfect this time of the year with a shirt under it
A black or red or even yellow belt would look amazing with this Calvin Klein Dress
I must this is probably one of favorite finds. Its by the brand GoodFellows
This is my first favorite, this is Romeo & Juliet jumpsuit fits and looks wonderful
This is a beautiful vintage handbag, I love it!!!
Well… we live in a one of the top five snowiest cities, these White Mountain boots are a necessity
These Vince Comoto boots are me going flat.

Before you leave, check out the last two blog posts This is love and JANUARY FAVORITES, Have you read I Samuel? What did you think of Elkanah’s and Hannah’s answers to the same problem? What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? Do you like shopping?

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60 responses to “JANUARY 2021 THRIFT HAUL”

  1. I have gone to 1st Samuel to check Hannah’s response and I have learnt that instead of replying Peninah or complaining to other people, she went directly to God.
    I love watching your thrift shopping, nowadays you don’t want to put the prices.

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  2. Hello! I adore thrift shopping, and I’ve been a few times lately, but we’re not allowed to try anything on due to Covid restrictions, and that keeps me from purchasing much. I guess its pretty perfect, I get the fun of putting the pretty things in my cart but don’t actually spend much money! 🙂 (Not that thrifting is ‘much money’ anyway). As for Hannah, I wonder, would I rather be married to a husband who loves me and not have kids or be joined to someone who doesn’t prefer or enjoy me and have a bunch of kids…? If I had to choose, its the marriage relationship I want. I think she may have wanted it all (who doesn’t?) but chose to be content that her husband was giving her everything he could and her issue was with what God could give her, so she went to God? She was so wise and I loved thinking about this. Thank you!

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  3. Hehe chuckling over the comments regarding your question about Hannah’s story. I am blessed though because in the last couple of weeks, I have dreamed about my friend Hannah five times, so I was already meditating on the subject of her name, “God has favored me.” This feels like Holy Spirit continuing to stir that theme in my heart. Also, wow!! You must have a super amazing thrift store there! And as for the weather, all year long here in the Amazon Jungle it’s shorts and sleeveless shirts for me! 😀 I am amazed by your snow pictures 😳

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  4. Love your finds Brenda! I just showed hubby your snow car mountain he was a gasp! It’s been raining & raining here with periods of humidity.
    Everything looks so lovely & green! Our tropical plants absolutely love this weather.

    Hannah goes to the One who loves her soul & pours her heart out to Him, doesn’t that example teach us so much!

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  5. You scored some beautiful pieces! I love that God gave Hannah more children after she devoted Samuel to the service of the priesthood. I don’t think I could have done that . I read further and it’s so sad that Samuel’s sons did not follow in his footsteps. Weather here: very warm and then briefly cold again. Roller coaster 🎢

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    • I think one of the things we have to remember is that we can just lead by example and tell our kids about the Lord. But we can’t force the Lord on them, that’s a decision each have to make for themselves. So we continue to pray for our loved ones 😍

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  6. I remember those days of going from one thrift shop to another (as well as flea markets). Who needs Nordstom anyway? hahaha… Of course, as a guy, I prefered frequenting army surplus stores. 🙂

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  7. WOW! You found some superior gems at the thrift store, Brenda! I want to go shopping with YOU! As for Hannah, I’m greatly impressed by her restraint, as well as her faith and obedience. She’s a worthy role model for us!

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  8. …Beautiful!! The next time when Hannah speaks she goes to the Lord with her words (concerns). ❤️And in time her prayer is answered and God is glorified as she dedicates Samuel to the Lord. Thanks for the reminder (of this piece of scripture) that we need to be humble in our request, seeking and trusting in God all the while!…rather than filling with haughty words and impatient antics like I have such tendency to do!!

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  9. I will gladly take some of that snow from you! Just send it my way 😂
    I love shopping but I haven’t done a lot of shopping for myself in recent years 🤷🏻‍♀️.

    I think Elkanah is only able to see with eyes of satisfaction. He has sons to inherit and it’s like he sees it as ‘all that I have is yours, too’ but it’s not. Even if he knew of his other wife’s taunting, he doesn’t understand that Hannah is fighting more than that. She’s be fighting feelings of failure and guilt. So Hannah turned to the One Who could satisfy her and relieve her of those negative feelings. I think it’s a testament to her character and faith that she continually held on to hope instead of becoming mean and bitter.

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  10. Those are some absolutely lovely finds! The snow is definitely coming down now 🙂 Thankfully our eldest is now taller than me, so I make her clean off the car, lol!! What an absolutely interesting question….I don’t know that I would have responded like Hannah. I want to, but I’m not sure it would have been my first response! Definitely due for some pondering! God Bless!

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  11. Only a man would ask a question like Elkanah’s! lol

    Deep winter where I am too, but we haven’t had as much snow as usual this year. I’d definitely get lots of use out of those Vince Comoto boots though. I love the other pair too, but I don’t wear heels. The Banana Republic blazer is another great find. I love thrift store shopping!

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  12. I haven’t read 1 Samuel yet…but wanted to respond to this post. You made me chuckle at the beginning with the life or death situation with the snow on the car. I’ve been praying for all the snowbound in our country. You shared such wonderful truth in HIM. And your thriftstore finds are beautiful. Have a blessed weekend!

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  13. It seems Hannah’s response was only in her heart. No reply to her husband is written. Maybe there was ensuing conversation. Maybe something like, “My husband, you do not know the heart of a woman.”
    But if her mind was anything like mine, her thoughts would run along such lines as, “Obviously my love is not enough for you, or you wouldn’t have given that other woman so many children. Your love is divided, how can half a love be enough for me? You have all you want in wives and children; your satisfied heart has no connection with my hurting heart.”
    But she takes all her cares to the Lord, and He hears her. He blesses her immensely.
    I think hers is an example for me to follow.

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