Well, hello there friends, how are you today? Is it snowing in your neck of the woods? It is in mine and yes, I grudgingly admit, it’s beautiful.  I want to dislike the snow because of what it represents; the cold! And I don’t like the cold, BUT the snow is beautiful.  It’s like a white cloud which softly falls to the ground.  It seemingly brings its own light with it; the yard and trees all seem to glow and appear brighter when there is snow on the ground.  Snow acts a blanket when it covers the imperfections of the ground, all that can be seen is the beauty of that white stuff.

The first time I saw snow, it reminded of the beauty of God’s love for mankind.  In spite of the imperfections that exist in our lives, He loves us.  In spite of what we do and say, He loves us.  In spite of who we are, whether we be rich or poor, fat or thin, in spite of the color of our skin, He loves us.  Whether we love Him or not, He loves us.  Before we even knew how to love, He first loved us. 

He loves us when we’re sad, when we’re happy, when we’re depressed and downhearted, He still loves us.  If we don’t feel like being nice today, He still loves us.  If we feel like being nice today, He loves us the same.  If we feel like hoarding all our worldly possessions and greed is the force behind what we do, we are still loved by the God of the Universe.  If we give all our worldly possessions to feed the poor, we are loved the same.  

If we choose to be angry and withhold forgiveness because to our mind, this person does not deserve it, we are still loved by the Holy God of Israel.  If we are quick to forgive and we proclaim that we absolutely love everyone, we were loved first by God.  Whether we be intentionally mean or wonderfully compassionate, we are loved the same.  

In Genesis, the Creator of the universe singled out one planet among the thousands, just so that He could demonstrate His love to His most precious creation: mankind.  Back then He loved people, today He loves people and the future people, He will love them too.  He absolutely, unconditionally, unfailingly, unwaveringly loves His created beings.  

His loves for us never depends on what we’ve done and have not done.   And let me tell you a secret…shhh… His love for us does not depend on whether we’ve accepted His Son as our Savior.  I know, right! As a matter of fact, it is BECAUSE we are loved, that He sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins.  I know!! Astounding!

Sometimes, as Christians, we have the tendency to think we have more of God’s love because we’ve surrendered our lives to Him, ummm… nope.   His love is perfect, it does not fluctuate up nor down.  He loves perfectly and He loves all of us the same.  

So today, as you go about your day, when you meet that stranger or that friend, smile and wish them a wonderful day because you may know something they don’t: God loves me!   

How are you today? What are your plans for February?

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38 responses to “THIS IS LOVE”

  1. When I lived in Michigan, I always knew when it snowed overnight because of the white glow that was coming through the window. ❄️ God loves us no matter what! We can rejoice in His love for us. ❤️

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  2. What a great reminder – when I meet that stranger – God loves them too. My plans for February is to try to stay warm! My youngest granddaughter turns 10 next week and her mother and I are going to take to a local bed and breakfast for a sleep over. Looking forward to that!

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  3. Amen!! We have His love to be so incredibly thankful for. God’s love runs through us when we accept Jesus as our Savior and I pray we would make that love contagious to others, pointing them to Jesus!!

    Wonderful post Brenda! I’ve reflected a lot on the snow too and this verse warms my heart:
    ‘Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.’ Isaiah 1:18

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  4. So grateful I discovered God’s love! No mater what goes on around me, I can recalibrate and remember I’ve got a God with a plan! Life seems crazy. But that’s because we don’t get a time frame of The Plan. We just have to trust. But…we do know the ending 😊

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  5. Well, I love the cold, or at least the feeling of it outside my house and the warmth of snuggling up in a blanket and watching Patterns of Evidence with my bride. And snow has to be one of the greatest evidences of the existence of God because of all the details that have to be in place for it to happen.
    As for Father loving us, yes, He loves us even when we do not love in return, even when we reject His gift of eternal life. But if one rejects His gift, what is left? Not eternal life; not His peace, love, joy, fellowship, etc.
    When we separate ourselves from Him, there is nothing left that He can do for us. His love constrains Him that He will not force us into Heaven if we choose hell.
    Gotta blog on this soon, maybe by next month. Thanx for a great blog on the love of God!

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  6. Great article! It amazes me that he loves me even after all I have done and all the hateful things I said to him. I know I am now forgiven and loved. I would like to reblog this and maybe somebody will read my blog! LOL

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  7. In my mind I think of the day we will share a joyful tear, a smile, a hug and worship our LORD together. Jesus is building His church and cementing all of us together with His agape kinda Love. Numbers 6:24-26 blessings on all who read Ms Brenda’s words.

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  8. It has started snowing here.and is forecasted to snow well into tomorrow. We shall see what happens. It is beautiful though! What a lovely message of hope. Whether we accept it or not, God loves us! AMEN! God Bless!

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  9. Ah, what comfort!
    Brenda, we are thinking along similar lines today. I was just finishing up my post and checked yours out before I posted. I hope you don’t mind that I’m including yours in my post. God put a cozy blanket around me with this one.

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  10. I don’t like the cold either, but snow makes enduring the cold worth it. Unfortunately there’s no snow for me 😭.
    We have to be careful as Christians that we don’t fall into the old trap of thinking we’re God’s chosen people and therefore better than all others. It’s simply not true.

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