Hey friends, how are you doing today? How was your week? It snowed almost every day in my neck of the woods, most days produced mainly flurries, and we did one day with over four inches; even now as I write this post, snow very softly falls to the ground.  I must admit, the primary reason for my dislike of snow on the ground is that it disallows me to wear my cute and very fabulous shoes.  There is something kind of utilitarian about boots and that’s not me.  But when we take away the vanity, snow can be rather pretty.  

To some extent, 2020 changed the lens through which I viewed life.  I had primarily two take-aways from that year: 1. We need the Lord. 2. Life is short.  Throughout that year was too much anger, too much animosity, too much strife, too much death, too much loss, there was too much of the most negative in life and too many times, ‘christians’ were at the forefront. 

I choose to celebrate life in 2021. In everything and for everyone we’ve been called to pray and seek the Lord, we’ve also been called to obedience and surrender.  Actually, the two go together, don’t they? There isn’t obedience without surrender, there isn’t surrender without obedience. Anything less will merely be works which the winds drive away (Matthew 16:27). (That was free, my actual favorites begin now).  


Lately I’ve been reading through the book of Ruth.  I do love a good romance book, Harlequins are my favorite, but the book of Ruth by far supersedes every romance novel I’ve ever read.  I highly recommend this precious book from the Lord. But today we will talk about about Naomi.  Even before I read the actual book I thought of Naomi as ‘bitter’.  Isn’t it sad that most of us are remembered by what we did or said during the lowest parts of our lives? I’m not sure I would have reacted any differently from Naomi had I suffered her loss.  Would you? But the Lord never leaves us without hope, does he? In spite of monumental loss, somehow, He always gives us what we need to to continue, if only we would look up.  After a while, Naomi was able to look beyond her loss, she understood that her work was not yet done, in spite of her loss.  She remembered that the same God who took away, also is more than capable of giving far more.

I choose to remember Naomi as ‘wise’ rather than bitter. Naomi epitomes a true Titus 2 woman.  She displayed courage, honor, integrity and wisdom.  I want to be beautiful and wise like Naomi.  


Although January has almost come to an end, very little has changed from 2020. Masks are required, our restaurants are still in the take-away phase, malls and all the fun places are only opened for limited hours each day.  Thankfully for some of us, work continues and praise the Lord, I work outside the home.  At this point, any occasion to dress up is a blessing, but still, in spite of this, going overboard is not an option, in times like these.  

This Clinique BB cream gives the right amount of coverage. It is lightweight, allows the skin to breathe, plus it has sunscreen.  It belongs to our first-born child, but I bought it, so we’re sharing, which is exactly what we’ve been called to do. 

A friend of mine recommended this powder two years and I still love it.  This is the second one in two years because a little goes a long way.  I was pleasantly surprised to have received this one in a past Boxycharm box.  Usually, I dust my face with this Becca Finishing Powder after foundation, but sometimes I use it on its own for a beautiful finish.  It helps to blur and smooth out the fine lines and I need all the help I can get.  

In another Boxycharm box I received this Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette. The shades are right up my alley. Since our lips are covered with a mask, the eyes are the windows to the soul.  These are creamy and very pigment eyeshadows.  Love it 

Isn’t this Marc Jacobs Dot pretty? I was given this as a Christmas gift, and I loved it first because it was pretty.  It has a hint of floral yet still musky, perfect for this time of the year, overall is remains light and fresh. 

This is an IT Cosmetics lip balm, but this offers just a hint of pale pink and it so very moisturizing, you will thank me if you get it.  


Because most makeup is out, then skin care has to be in.  Sunscreen and toner are a must for my skin.

I have very sensitive skin and during this time of the year, it can get very dry.  These help to combat that by acting like barriers against the harmful elements in the air.  

These are my two favorite masks;  I use one or the another at least once a week.   They are both moisturizing and purifying.   


Again, most places are closed, where are going? These are my go-to jewelry pieces.   Easy, pretty and fashionable. 

Found this Ted Baker watch at TJ Max for a steal.  It comes with two bands, there is a silver one to this.  

These earrings were a resent Christmas gift.  Well actually they belonged to our second born, but because I wore it more often than she did, she decided to give them to me and yes, I took them.  They are so different.   I love them. 

These are Swarovski bracelets I have in almost every color, because they are easy, cute and fashionable and shiny. 

I found this pearl and gold necklace at a vintage thrift shop near me. They were so inexpensive they were almost a gift. I love it.  


Now I know these shoes are not winter shoes, but look how gorgeous they are, they are beautiful. I bought these as a birthday gift last May and I’ve only worn them twice! I could cry… they had my name written on them.  They are the most expensive shoes, in my closet.

They are a Nicholas Kirkwood sling back sandals I bought from eBay for only $139, which is a steal right? But because I buy most of my shoes from the thrift store for a maximum of $20, $139 is a lot of money to spend on shoes, but it was my birthday.  I most definitely do not regret them.  I just need to wear them .

I found this beautiful, vintage, leather handbag at the thrift store.  It so reminded me of my great grandmother.  She was always wonderfully dressed, with red lipstick and this kind of handbag.  I had to have it and for under $4.00!

This hat was bought for Benny as a Christmas gift, but he only wore one time.  I thought I would help a brother out. What can I say? Waste not, want not…  


Although there were several blogs that made it to this list, I’ve chosen to highlight these four blogs which encouraged and motivated me in some way.  Most of their posts are short and sweet,  very much not like mine. 

Jenny of Of Purpose and Progress I love how she begins each blog post, its usually short and sweet. But she always leaves you with a question that involves thoughts.  

Daciar of Above My Waves Just the name of the blog tells you she has been through some stuff in life. She shares with us bits and pieces and her life and the her journey with the Lord.

Viv of God’s Whispers of Truth the name of a blog tells a lot of the person, does it not? Viv has a heart for people. That love is displayed throughout her posts, as she shares their tales reminds us to pray for others.

Jennifer of Tea with Jennifer and I have been ‘together’ a while. She lives in Australia and she usually invites us to a cup of tea with her; most times I have coffee, but her posts usually reminds me to be thankful and grateful for God’s provision .

I didn’t bother with the links for any of the products above, too much work. But you can find most of them on Amazon, if you choose to search, except the shoes. These are special and may take a bit more work. If you have any questions about anything I mentioned, let me know in the comment section below.

Have you read the book of Ruth? What do you think about Naomi? What are a few of your favorites things? Some of these I have worn in outfits on Instagram, follow me there for outfit details.

Check me out on Instagram. Let’s continue the conversation over on Instagram. Follow my Instagram and I will follow back, just let me know in the comment section. I would love to meet you 🙂

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34 responses to “JANUARY FAVORITES”

  1. I like how brought up the idea of viewing Naomi in a positive light. It’s true we never know what people are going through or how it has impacted them. Those earrings were cool. 🤗

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  2. First of all, thank you so much! I am so blessed to be listed as one of your favorite bloggers this month.☺️
    Second, Ruth is my favorite book behind Esther. Of course, I’ve always focused on Ruth’s journey more so I should go back and read it from Naomi’s POV.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thanks for the word about Ruth. I’ve enjoyed reading that story. The pasto couple years my wife and I have been reading through the Bible with our daughters (9&8yo) and we read Ruth just a couple months back. So good for them to hear Ruth’s faithfulness and how the Lord took care of her.

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  4. I cover the book of Ruth a little tomorrow. I love that story. As a younger woman, I had much jewelry and high heels. Now I don’t wear makeup or jewelry. For that matter, I haven’t worn high heels after age 22. They’re still nice though. 😊

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  5. Very fun post!! Love the story of Ruth and Naomi, it reminds me of my mom and my dad’s mom…the faithfulness of my mom to my grandma even after my dads been gone 20 years is super sweet to me❤️…I intend to write a post about it one day!
    Love the products and especially those heels!!!!

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