Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? Gabrielle of The Gabby Diaries and I have made the decision to go on a journey of becoming healthier. On her blog, she has decided to document her journey to weight loss.  She tracks her exercise and what she eats, as a matter of fact, she shares with us a rundown of her day.  You are welcome to join us as we undertake this journey, especially in this coronavirus time.  Check out her daily blogposts, you won’t be disappointed.

At the beginning of this virus, many psychologists and therapists theorized that many relationships would not survive when they’re left together for drawn out lengths of time.  In reality, what they are actually saying is this; most people in a relationship, couples and kids alike, cannot stand each other for a prolonged length of time.  

Isn’t that sad? Instead of securing the bond of relationships when we’re placed together for great lengths of time, it rather tends to destroy relationships. Yet, they are not wrong, are they? These past few months have heightened the adversity found among people, including the people of God.  Impatience and selfishness; a type of me(ism) have become the norm.  Only the Bible is true, everything else is an opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Believe me, just because I don’t agree with your opinion about an issue, that does not give me the right to attack you personally. 

An action comes out of the thoughts.  What I think determines my actions and my beliefs about God and about me, determines my thoughts.  As Christian wives, husbands, singles, and kids, we’ve been called to live a different life.  

This theory presented by the psychologists really should not apply to us. We are aware that we, to some extent, determine the type of relationship with others.  We are aware that we cannot bear this burden alone, so we bring it to the feet of our Lord.  We lay it there, with prayer and prayer and prayer.  

We trust in His greatness and goodness to see us through this time with relationships, especially among couples and kids, intact and thriving. Only the Lord can do this, you see, because we are not nice people without Him, and it shows.  

In the comment, leave a link to a post of encouragement. Stand in the gap for someone by sharing a testimony of God’s goodness.

46 responses to “WHOOPS… IT SHOWS”

  1. Such a sad truth! Thankful our family has enjoyed the time together, I’m sad to have my kids go back to school Tuesday.
    I know there’s families out there though where school is much needed for safety and security reasons 💔

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  2. I couldn’t agree more! As people of God, we are called to a higher standard and we must bear with one another in love. It isn’t always easy but He is certainly willing to help us if we ask Him to!

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  3. It’s sad what these trying times are bringing out in people. I was in the post office last Friday and a man walked in snapping on the clerk. She remained sweet in spite of her tormentor. Before it was over, the man apologized and said it had been a day! Oh I pray we can all just be kind, especially to customer service! 🙏🏼

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  4. Right on time post. My husband and I have truly learned to pray more together and seek God through these difficult times. I believe this is where you should gain strength with God and together. Blessings to you and the family and your mom.

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  5. Praise God He is going through this valley with us! I found this awesome photo on unsplash that shows 2 shepherds, one at the front and one at the rear of a large herd of sheep. They are leading the Sheep through a valley. I’m thinking that probably only a few of the sheep are actually aware of the presence of the Shepherds. The rest of them are just walking along doing their best to put one foot in front of the other & keep up. But unawareness of the Shepherd’s presence does not mean He is not present.


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  6. Great post!! My husband and I were stuffing a lot the first half of the pandemic and then had one of our very few blow ups, sat down and calmly talked and I am grateful to say that we are closer than ever today. We just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary! Communication, with the right heart, is the only way to stay close during a journey such as this. Seeking God BEFORE we open our mouths is so important. Love the verses shared-they speak volumes!!

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  7. Although we do bicker at times, I am very grateful to have my husband here with me. It makes me sad for people who are alone, especially if some of what is going on scares them. Hey, it scares me sometimes! It is very hot where I live right now. But when it was cooler, our daily evening walk together was wonderful! I suddenly started working from home, and my husband is retired, so it’s a pretty big life change. But we make it work and we are grateful. BUT… I’m ready for a vacation! …and I endure the heat for some awesome early morning walks and hikes on the weekend 😊

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  8. Difficult times will make us bitter or better. My hope is that this whole experience will make be better equipped. I must say that as a single person living alone, in my view the people who are married have a precious commodity right now in this time of social distancing- companionship

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  9. OMG! This has made my day. Thank you for posting this. It’s sad during this time, that instead of people being closer together, we’re drifting apart. I’m learning that not only is my health important, but my relationships with God and with others are just as important. Thank you for sharing this. 😊😘🥰🤗❤️✨

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