Hey friends, how are you doing? It is currently a gorgeous, sunny 73° day, in my neighborhood and it feels wonderful.  Can you believe it? I absolutely love days like these.  Bright, beautiful, sunny days whisper words of joy and beauty to my soul.  Days like these remind me to make every moment count; to welcome and sock up the rays of sunshine, because too soon thunderstorms will give way to the snow storms. Our girls have left our nest again and because we live in strange times, I find myself constantly in prayer for them.

Is God only God of the sunshine? Is He still God of the thunderstorms? When it thunders and lightning strikes too close to home, has God abdicated His throne? Does He not care, when we are about to drown under the weight of the storms creating havoc in our lives? Well, we do know the answers to these questions. 

In our heads, we do know that He will never leave us, not forsake us [Hebrews 13:5]. In our heads, we do know that He is faithful (II Timothy 2:13).  In our heads, we do know that our ‘help comes from the Lord’ (Psalm 121:2).  In our heads, we know that He keeps no record of our wrongs (I Corinthians 13:3; Psalm 130:3). Perhaps like me, you could quote from memory every promise, the Lord has said in His Word.  But my response to the rainy days in my life determines whether I believe what I know.  

Truth is immutable; unchanging.  Truth does not need my belief to validate or give life to it.  We know that the God of heaven cannot lie, nope; there is no deceit found in my God.  He keeps His Word! (Numbers 23:19)

Why then do I allow fear to overtake me? Why do I allow fear to control my actions? When thunderstorms come my way, why is my soul despondent? Why do I worry; why am I anxious? Can it be because I don’t believe what I know? I think we’ve all been there, right? Most times, I dare say, times like these do take us by surprise.  Usually, I wake up one morning and think to myself, how did I get there? 

Sometimes, gorgeous, beautiful, bright sunny days can cause me to forget what I know to be true.  I begin to get sloppy in my time with the Lord.  I slowly and inevitably and undoubtedly lay down my armor, allowing the enemy to whisper lies and half truths.  I go on in this manner, until the thunder and lightning strikes, then in my tears I ask the Lord, why did He abandon me? Why did He leave me? I thought You said You loved me, why are You nowhere to be found? 

Even as the words come out of my mouth, I know they aren’t true, but that’s how I feel at the moment.  These are the feelings that now control my subsequent actions, if I don’t hasten my steps back to the Lord’s presence. Sometimes I equate knowing as believing, but they aren’t the same things, are they? We are told in II Timothy 3:16,17, that the word of God is profitable for ‘doctrine’.  Although doctrine begins with knowing, it culminates in belief. My belief in the Word of God demonstrates itself in my actions.  

Girls, have you ever been told by a guy that he loves you? But his actions say something completely different, at this point, you’re like, ‘boy bye!’ I do hope, you said that! Anyway, back to the point… sometimes beautiful, bright, sunny days are not always a good indicator of my beliefs.  On days like these, there is no need for trust, for faith (remember, we walk by faith, not by sight, II Corinthians 5:7).  On days, when the thunder roars and the waves crash, these are days that indicate our beliefs.  Especially, when two days later, the thunder still roars, and the waves still crash.  A persistent dose of the Word of God keeps the fear at bay.  A persistent dose of being in the presence of the Holy and Righteous God strengthens our beliefs.   Keeping a record of past blessings remind us of His Word.  Naming them one by one and sharing the wonder of past answered prayers with friends and family secures the beliefs.  Sometimes, repeating that memorized verse sends the anxiousness and worry scuttling back to its owner.  

The meteorologist has forecasted a day of thunderstorms in our near future and you know what? I think I can handle it.  How about you?  

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23 thoughts on “LET IT THUNDER!

  1. Beautiful Brenda!! Honestly felt like I was reading poetry…true concerns, thoughts, and feelings poured out!!

    Oh those emotions we let run wild, goodness!! I’m reading Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen right now and it’s been so therapeutic and good for my soul!!

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  2. I’ve been thinking about faith a lot lately. Hope you don’t mind me posting my thoughts here. I haven’t been blogging much. I was thinking how 1)Americans in general have it so good that we normally don’t need a WHOLE lot of faith. Parents of course need more, and people with health problems or financial problems often turn to the Lord. But a lot of us have a lot of faith in our own abilities or our government or other people to help us. 2) Some people say they ‘believe in God and Jesus” but if you dig deeper you find that they don’t know much about who God is and what he does and wants or why Jesus had to die and so on. They don’t understand or believe that prayer REALLY does anything and so they try to fix things themselves or ask the govt. to make laws about things they want. 3)If you believe in Jesus saving death on the cross, you should believe in all of that and all of the supernatural things that are mentioned in the Bible, including judgment day and demons and Satan and miracles and CREATION. 🙂 Have a great day!

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    1. I absolutely love this comment, my friend. Thank you for sharing, because you are absolutely right! We can’t have faith or trust in someone we don’t know, that’s truth. For faith or trust to be realized, a relationship must be formed and maintained

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  3. “But my response to the rainy days in my life determines whether I believe what I know” – So true!
    Stu’s verse for today fits right into your line of thought: James 1.2-4 My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; 3Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. 4But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.
    My reply to him was, “Oh boy! My faith is getting a workout!”
    “Sometimes I equate knowing as believing, but they aren’t the same things, are they.” It goes right back to your quote I first pointed to – our response is the litmus test of our belief.
    Lots of great stuff to chew on here, Brenda! Thanks for the feast.

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    1. Praise the Lord, Kathy. Trials are difficult to endure, that’s the truth, especially when our eyes are on the trial, then like Peter, we will begin to sink under the waves 🌊 but when we keep our eyes on the Lord, we can overcome, we have the strength to do so

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