Hey friends,  how are you today? How was your week? In just a few weeks, fall will be here.  Temperatures will fall (haha), green leaves will become beautiful, extravagant colors, the sounds of the cicadas will fade.  While time marches to its very timely (haha) drumbeat, sometimes, I feel as if I am stuck in a loop.  Between the months of March to August, a mere five months, I’ve taken more time off this blog, than I’ve ever taken in the past four years combined.  This time, last year, I was so busy, I could not function without a list.  I needed time to slow down, but now that it has, time still marches on and seemingly this time, without me.  When I had less time, I did more, now that I have more time, I do less.  I must go back to my trust list, perhaps it will help me to stay on task.  

Watkins Glen
Watkins Glen

I must admit though, good has come out of these past few months.  As a family, we’ve spent quite a bit of time together.  Because the malls and theaters were closed, we found new ways to occupy ourselves; to make memories.  We took the time to discover our state.  We went on nature trails and on hikes, in fact, we spent most of our time outdoors.  Of course, there was no camping, I know that most of the animals out there, are smaller than me, but I’m not taking any chances.

My photographer 🙂
Watkins Glen
Watkins Glen
two peas in a pod
Watkins Glen
Watkins Glen
Watkins Glen

Our God is amazing, isn’t He? When He created the sun and the moon, He began time.  He orders time, He is the Keeper of time.  He is also the Keeper of the Universe and thankfully He is my Keeper.  In spite of everything that’s wrong with the world, my God has kept me together.  Nature reminds me of that, the birds and the trees remind me that He is trustworthy and faithful.   How are you?

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40 responses to “WALK WITH ME”

  1. Beautiful! I love how the falls look like they’ve cut a heart out of the rock below. Rests are so good, and needed. I bet, after a season of rest here, you’re going to come back with so much to share!

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  2. There has been much good to this pandemic in the midst of the bad. More time to reflect and have conversation with family and spend outdoors. One hopes and prays that many people have been brought to repentance for how we have forgotten God in the midst of all He has given us.

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