Hey friends, how are you today? It’s another chilly start to our morning, just 48° right now, although the temperature will rise to 65°.  Can you believe we are in June? Sometimes, I’m amazed at the swiftness of time.  Do you think the Lord is saying something? Perhaps He is advising us to make the best use of our time here on earth, while we have it.  Life is filled with too many uncertainties; laughter and joy, peace and beauty need to be a daily additive in our lives.   

How was your weekend? We had a fun weekend; spending time together is always fun; the fun very rarely depends on the activities.  One of my favorite humans died over the weekend.  She had been sick awhile, so her death was ‘expected’.  But I must admit she will be missed.  We spent most of our thanksgiving holidays together, she was like a mom to me.  Thankfully the apostle Paul says it best in this verse; 

She certainly isn’t suffering now. She is with the Lord, because she accepted Him as her Savior.  That’s what the Bible says, right? Truth; does it depend on my belief to be true? If I don’t believe the truth, is it still true? 

I am 5”2; most people are shocked at my height when I wear flats, because I rarely do. In most instances, people assume I am anywhere from 5”5 to 5”7.  These are my preferred height and because I wear heels a lot, people usually think I am taller than I really am.  But I am 5”2; at least that’s what my ID says; who knows at this point.  If I believe I am 5”7; does that make it true? Am I really 5”7? Does truth need my belief to verify it? 

Truth stands outside of us. We do not give credence to truth.  If we do, it becomes an opinion, does it not? I think 48° is a chilly start to our morning, someone else may think that’s a cold start to our morning and still someone may believe that’s the perfect start to our morning.  If truth needs me to solidify it, it is no longer truth.  

What is truth and everything truth stands alone. It needs no one.  The truth is the Lord God created the Heavens and the Earth (Genesis 1:1). I can believe in the ‘Big Bang THEORY’, but that does not make it true.  The truth is the Bible is true, it is God-breathed inspired word; I don’t have to believe it for it to be true.  It is true all by itself.  The truth is ‘all have sinned”, we are all sinners; we are all in need of a Savior. There is only one way to Heaven; by acknowledging our sin and believing on the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s truth, whether I chose to believe it or not.  

My belief in truth is significant only for me. IF I believe that the Bible is true; if I believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation; if I believe that all have sinned, then that changes how I think. It changes how I do life. It changes how I interact with others. It changes me; it does not change truth in any way.  

Do we believe in The Truth or do we say we believe the truth? Our beliefs control our actions.  Our actions are a good indicator of what we really believe. What do our actions say about our beliefs? Do we think God’s Word is really true? 

When we believe the Word of God, our lives tell that story.  God’s Word does not need our angry, annoyed defense.  It is truth; it stands alone, whether the world choses to believe it or not. The Word of God is not a hammer to bash people over the head. Truth affects my life when I believe it. Because of my belief in the Truth, I can impact others for Christ also.  But the Word of God, which is absolute truth does not need me to validate it.  I need it far more than truth needs me. My life’s story is the only defense Truth needs.  If my life does not accurately tell Truth’s story, then perhaps I need to be silent.  

Do you believe in absolute truth?

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