Hey, wonderful friends, how are you today? I pray that you had a fabulous week. The weather has been very fickle, in my neck of the woods.  Almost everyday this week, we have had a mixture of sun and rain.  

Now although I enjoy both the sun and the rain; the combination of the two on almost every day this week, have been a little disheartening at times.  “Rain… again, Lord?”  I think even the trees have more than their fair share of the rain; but we do know this verse, right?

I was reminded throughout the week that I have choices.  I can choose to be unhappy about the constant rain and the slight ‘wintery’ chill which accompanies it; or I choose to be thankful that the sun came out that day. Life does not ‘happen’ to me; my choices affect how I ‘do’ life.  I can choose to complain and whine, and groan and moan and grumble about the unfairness of my circumstances or I can choose to recognize and rejoice and be glad over my many, many blessings.  Life is all about choices and ummmmm…. we’ve been chosen to make them, by an Awesome Creator.  

And here is the good news friends, we do not have to make these decisions on our own. As a matter of fact, I have found it is easier to complain and whine and groan and moan and grumble than it is to rejoice and be glad. How do I come out from the ‘dark side’ into the ‘glorious light’? Well glad you ask! Believe me when I say this; it’s hard to complain and whine and groan and moan and grumble to the Lord.  Somehow before I leave His Presence, there is gladness and joy with rejoicing. Try it, I dare you.  You can thank me later.  

Well, that went ‘downhill’ or perhaps ‘uphill’ fast. I really came here to share with you, my thrift haul.  The girls are home; I think I may have said that before, but just in case you missed it the first time: the girls are home on college break.  One of our favorite pastimes is… you guessed it; thrift shopping! Here are a few of the pieces I found last month.  I had to take two sets of photos; you know why? Because in the first set, a few of the clothes were not ironed.  Now usually that wouldn’t bother me, but my husband reads my posts and he would be bothered. Isn’t that something? Anywhoo… we actually began our shopping in Cedarville, Ohio when we picked up the girls from school, and of course just continued throughout the month.  No more rambling… here we go; thrift haul time. I promise this… no more rambling; I did tell you before, I can talk, right? Anyway. here we go. 

I thought I’d start with shoes. I bought four pairs last month. I know… a teeny, tiny bit excessive. BUT remember in the last post, when I said I did not wear flats very often? Well that’s because I did not have that many choices..

I now have no excuse, except I still prefer heels, but at least, now I have a choice

This is a pair of Styllus jeans (never heard of the brand) but the comfort is on the next level
This is a Calvin Klein blouse; the beauty is really the back and the color also had me at ‘pink’
This is a Calvin Klein blouse; the beauty is really the back and the color also had me at ‘pink’
This Adrienne Vittadini is beautiful. love the color, love the fit, love the comfort
This top is from The Limited. I love the colors and it’s cute, probably because it is beautiful made
This Lauren Conrad blouse is a tad bit sheer, but the colors cannot be ignored
The White House Black Market skirt had me at White House Black Market. Yep; I bought it for the brand, but it is cute and comfortable.

What do you think my finds? Do you thrift? Let’s choose to live life abundantly today.

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