Gracious friends, how was your week? It’s a beautiful day today, in my neck of the woods.  The sun is shining and currently, I am enjoying 63° which feels cooler because it is very windy.  That’s okay though, because we’ve had so much rain lately that every bit of sunshine calls for a celebration.  Sunshine and warm days call for the spontaneous reactions of laughter and movement and friendly gestures, whereas on gloomy, rainy days, it takes more effort and intentionality to be bubbly and joyous.  Sometimes the weather has way too much control over my moods.  I’m working on that, pray for me.  I wonder whether that’s the reason, the Lord allows the constant rain? 

Really, sometimes I think I’ve attained a particular virtue; like patience or love, only to realize that, that belief was just in my head.  If I’ve never been in a situation where I had to exercise patience or humility, how do I know I’ve gained it? When the situation presents itself, if I respond with patience or faithfulness, only then can I say, I’ve achieved a measure of these particular virtues.  My response to the various situations and circumstances in life are a good indicator of the person I am becoming.  

Accept my apologies, please? My weekend was filled with out of town, fun family members.  We spent time with each other, we laughed and eat (too much) and found some wonderful thrift finds.  It culminated with my sweetheart’s birthday yesterday.  We spent most of the day together, then went out for dinner at our favorite restaurant; Cheesecake Factory.  That was all done at Becoming His Tapestry’s expense.  Unfortunately, I did not have the time to respond to comments and read your blog posts.

Continuing with the busy of the weekend was my friend’s funeral.  There, I was reminded of the frailty of life.  The Bible tells me that my life is like a vapor; a whiff. The older I become, the more funerals of friends and family I attend.  For some, like my friend, I thank God that they knew Him as their Savior, but for others I wondered whether they knew the Lord at all.  After the death of someone, people usually have the nicest things to say about that person.  Sometimes I wonder whether we knew two different people!  My brain is constantly at work, so I wonder what people will think about me, when I die.  What will people say about me?  What is my legacy?  What will my footprints in the sand say about me?  Was I kind enough? Did I use my lips to speak words of encouragement or slander? Did I build up or tear down? What will my family say; those I am closest to?  Will people say, “She loved the Lord?”  Or will they wonder? 

Every one of us will one day, stand before the Holy and Righteous God.  Maybe I should remember that.  Maybe I should know that my works will be tried by fire.  Maybe I should recall that I was created to bring Him glory. Maybe I should comprehend that I was saved by the Righteous God and was called to serve others will all humility.  Maybe then I will live a life worthy of the Sacrifice that was paid for my sin. Maybe then I will choose to obey His Word; to do things His way. Maybe …

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