Good day, my friends.  It is a good day in my neck of the woods.  The Lord granted me a new day with brand new opportunities to do better.  He filled it with brand, spanking new mercies; no leftovers for me! His mercies are new every morning.  

There will be no actual sunshine in my day today, as a matter of fact, according to the meteorologist, the sun will be hidden behind the clouds for pretty much, most of the weekend and into the next week.  Yet still, there must be a silver lining in there somewhere, because my God is always intentional in His doings.  Never, does anything occur by happenstance.  Faithful to me, He remains and faithful He will always be; for He cannot deny Himself.  

Repeating a few of my favorite verses, help in reminding me of the faithfulness of my God, in spite of the dark, gloomy, dreary and rainy days.  Left up to me, there would be very little good to be found in days like these.  

This has been and will probably continue to be my views

Actually, I made the very intentional decision to seek the beauty that can be hidden in the dark, gloomy, dreary and rainy days. The grounds in my neck of the woods is so saturated, that in less than five minutes of rain, puddles are found everywhere.  But even in there, beauty can be found if I seek it.  

Confidently, I know for a fact that the God of the bright, beautiful, sunny days is the same God of the dark, dreary and rainy days.  

Eventually, the sun will come out to play and if I remain faithful, if I see the blessings in the dreary, dark and gloomy days, if I give thanks and allow the God of the Universe to be God, then the sunshine will taste that much sweeter.  

Have a fabulous day today and surrender the dark, dreary, gloomy and rainy days to Our God.  He can handle it.  What does your day look like, today? 

26 responses to “RAIN, RAIN, AND MORE RAIN; SEND HELP”

  1. I like your picture of the plants growing through the cracks in the sidewalk. The determination of plants to grow in the toughest environments always amazes me. I believe God sends us encouragement through them. Here, we see blue chicory growing beside the road and among the gravel in the driveway. I’d think nothing would be alive there, but no, there’s the chicory. I brought some into the house and put it in water; less than an hour later, the plant was wilting! It needs the tough environment to do well!

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    • Wow! I love this comment, thanks for bringing this to my attention. Did not know this about the chicory. May that be a picture of my life, to grow and flourish in spite of my circumstances. May the Lord bless you


  2. When we see the cloudy sky we may not like it but we never worry that the sun is gone. We know that it is just behind the clouds and will appear again. So – in our spiritual battles when it may seem God is silent, we do not question that He is gone. We know He is there and will show His face to us again. We are having rain, rain here too. Appears the whole Midwest is buried in water. Praying for the sun!

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  3. Dear Brenda, I’m so thankful that God is always here with us even in the darkest of days. He truly is wonderful at all times. Your posts always uplift me and make me smile! ❤🙏🌼

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