Hey friends, how are you today? Wow! Can you believe we have lived one hundred and fifty-one days into 2019? Today is the last day of May, we are heading into June.  Five months have gone by, how have we lived life? If we can’t remember what we did; did we then waste our time?  Have I lived life intentionally? Personally, I think I’ve allowed busyness to be the order of the day for me.  I’ve been trying to balance mommy life again with the various responsibilities I undertook while the girls were away at college. Now that they are home, they want to talk, which means they want my undivided attention.  I give them my undivided attention, but at the expense of preparing and executing my other tasks.  I know, I know… people over tasks, right? Balance has been an elusive goal, although lately, I must admit I am doing slightly better.  Just slightly though, primarily because I have given the tasks and the kids to the Lord.



Ezekiel has been a very fascinating book. I must admit when I read this book, I must also include my commentary.  Actually, I usually include the commentary as part of my devotions.  The Israelites have been judged by a Righteous God because they have failed to adhere to the precepts given to them.  They have rebelled knowingly and willingly.  They refused to repent and turn to the Lord.  As a matter of fact, for some reason, the Israelites were of the mistaken opinion that they were good as they were, that God ought to be pleased with them, in spite of the fact that they were disobedient.  They also believed they had done nothing wrong to deserve such severe punishment. My first takeaway is this: we choose our decisions and actions, but we can’t choose its consequences. 


This fresh water pearl necklace has been on repeat throughout the past month.  I love the length, not too long.  I love the silver iridescent colors of the pinks and creams.  Of course, pearls are ‘trending’ (sometimes, I really, really feel old).  

Fresh water pearls fro TJ Maxx

I love pearls, I enjoy the classiness, it gives to any outfit, even a pair of jeans. I bought them from TJ Maxx and it goes beautifully with silver accessories like this pair of bracelets. I found one similar here on Amazon.

Bracelets from Swarovski

These Swarovski bracelets were bought for me by my wonderful, amazing, generous husband.  It was one of my birthday gifts, that I got to choose (yeah, I do that a lot). You can find the Attract Bangle here at the Swarovski store

Bracelets from Swarovski

Anyway, I like the way the snake brackets the other bracelet, although they were two totally separate pieces.  I like shiny things, they fulfill the girly part of me, and these are very, very, very shiny.  You can this Leslie Bangle here.

Dot by Marc Jacobs

This perfume from Marc Jacob is called Dot and is esthetically pleasing to the eye.  It was also a birthday gift from our first born.  Does the scent of the perfume even matter, in the face of this beautiful, artistic bottle?

Dot by Marc Jacobs

Wasn’t the perfume bought for its appearance? I must admit it was, but the scent is just as nice.  You can locate is here on Amazon, but it was cheaper at TJ Maxx. Check yours out.

Handmade hair accessories made by. Anna

These two pearl barrettes were made for me by our baby. Isn’t it pretty?  She knows of my love for pearls.  I absolutely love it.  Who cares about a trend? I will be wearing these for years to come.  The pearls are bigger (perfect) and the creaminess is my favorite color; it’s not white.  Of course, they can’t hold my hair, but they are beautiful hair accessories. Here are similar ones on Amazon

Handmade hair accessories made by. Anna

This nail polish is called ‘Bare with Me’.  It is from Essie and the color is absolutely beautiful.  

Bare with me ~ Essie

I enjoy nail polishes, and although I have been responsible for my manicures for years, I am not very good at it. This is obvious in this photo but do try to overlook this and admire the color.  

Bare with me ~ Essie

It’s a combination of pink and brown and peach (what color is that?) it is a beautiful nude.  I bought mine at Target but its cheaper here on Amazon.


Tarteist by Tarte Cosmetics

Our daughters do their makeup in our room and this mascara was left behind (thank You, Lord).

Tarteist by Tarte Cosmetics

It is unexpectedly lengthening and very black.  I love the bristles; they are so short; they are barely there.  This Tarte Tarteist mascara is quickly making its way to my top three.  I don’t usually bother with eye pencils; this mascara brings the perfect attention to my eyes.  I love, love it. BoxyCharm gave me this one, but you can get it here on Amazon.

Shiseido Purifying Mask from TJ Maxx

This Shiseido Purifying Mask is simply amazing. It is a clay mask and it isn’t drying. How is this possible? A clay mask that does not suck all the moisture from the face?

Shiseido Purifying Mask from TJ Maxx

Amazing! It feels luxurious, just putting it on the face and it leaves the skin moisturized and smooth with the pores closed and shrunken.  It is truly the best clay mask, I have ever tried.  I bought mine from TJ Maxx, but you can find it here on Amazon for a similar price.

What are some things or people you enjoyed throughout the month of May?

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31 Thoughts

  1. Sad at how far behind I am at blog reading…reading your posts makes me realize just how much I missed yours and so many others’ writings!! May and (June also) have been busy months for me but it’s slowing down a bit now! The end of May led my husband and I to Germany to visit our old foreign exchange student for a few weeks, it was no let-down!! Super wonderful blessing for us!!
    I’m looking forward to a normal routine again though😉❤️
    Wonderful post with Ezekiel and those beauty items too Brenda!!❤️

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  2. The balance between people especially the ones closest to us and responsibilities, work and all the day to day list of things is hard. It is a lesson I am still learning I find myself thinking back to when my girls were little and wish I hard spent more time with them and less in ocd mode about all other obligations. Now days I put God Almighty first probably as much as I should on a daily basis as I would like to and then my husband and girls it is a continuous thing but I am still working on it

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  3. Balance is the key to all of life. It’s nice that you have a husband and children who support you. Unfortunately, that is not the case for some others. The jewlry and perfume are added attractions. God bless you all.

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  4. I love pearls. I have two beautiful pearl necklaces – one was my mother’s a single strand. The second is several strands of small pearls that was my aunt’s. They are a treasure to me – not only because they are beautiful, but because of who they belonged to.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That is a pretty nail color! My daughter washed her hair yesterday in my bathroom and left lots of stuff on the counter, so far I have not found anything good lol. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I feel you 🙂 just the cleaning up after her, right? Believe me when I say, I usually have to call the girls back to pick up after themselves. Sometimes I can’t even find my own stuff 🙂 🙂 🙂 Kids!! what would we do without them 🙂 🙂 May the Lord be with us

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m a bit behind in my blog reading, so I’m just jumping in here and not trying to “catch” up because it will never happen, lol! I LOVE the bracelets. They are gorgeous 🙂 I have to admit May has been a hit or miss month for me. Some really great days where I have been calm and very patient…and then some not really great days where everything annoys me and I am not at all patient! But, I am working on it and we are starting a new month!! God Bless!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Don’t bother ‘catching’ it is just going to become frustrating. Just start where you are 🙂 🙂 I’ve learnt that; I try to take the weekend off and I tried to go back to where I left off, Let’s just say, it doesn’t work. One day at time and use as much grace as you have available, thankfully there is no limit to grace 🙂

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    1. amen! Praise the Lord 🙂 It is a great book as are every book of the Bible 🙂 I liked Ezekiel because in this book, the majesty and might of God is demonstrated. May the Lord be with you, my friend


      1. And I love the pearls too!! The bracelet from your hubby is gorgeous!! I’m okay. Not the greatest but getting better. Yes, I’m so glad for the feature too!! It’s a blessing to be able to read your blog!😃

        Liked by 1 person

  7. The nail polish brings back memories for me. My Mom did nails for a living for a long time. She even had her own business in the basement for a few years. When she worked at the salons, I always enjoyed talking with all the ladies she worked with. 🙂 Doing manicures is hard work and it was always cool to see how happy my Mom made all the ladies. God bless!

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