Hey there friends, how was your week? Did you accomplish most of your plans this week? Or were there interruptions? Have I told you before, I have the tendency to be an all or nothing person? Yep, I did here, but back to the point… I hate interruptions, especially when I write down my plans on paper or on my iPad. There is something about writing down plans rather than having them in your thoughts; I think writing it down makes them more concrete and achievable, right? When I’m in the ticking off my boxes mood for the day, I don’t want interruptions; I like to see checked boxes, it’s very satisfying. Ps 107 1Do you perhaps think that’s the reason for the interruptions? Maybe, just maybe the Lord desires my attention; He needs my head up, not down trying to finish my tasks.  So sometimes, He needs me to answer the call from that friend that I know will take up more time than I like, or that computer that’s just not ‘computering’.   Don’t you just hate when technology does not perform as they should? Very frustrating! But perhaps the Lord just wants to say ‘Look Up, Child’; still one of my favorite songs by Lauren Daigle.  Lauren Daigle You sayWhen interruptions come your way, my friend, run to the Master, He has already ordered your steps; trust Him with the interruptions, even though they may be frustrating at the time.  He is God of the Universe; He can handle the frustrations that sometimes come with the interruptions. Allow Him to change your hearts and restore order to the chaos that may threaten to overwhelm your senses.  thanks button Remember this year, is the year for abundant living.  That’s achieved when we surrender and allow the Lord full control in our lives.  Full control, ladies, yet that’s the real struggle, isn’t it?  Thank God for forgiveness and grace and mercy. John 10 10


a9459b84-4bb2-41c3-b17d-dca59724f937 BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription of $21.00. Usually each box contains beauty and skin products.  The contents are always worth more than the price of the box. For example the contents of this box are worth $114.00. Now I know what you’re thinking… I don’t need all the makeup or skin care.  And you are absolutely right! No one needs all those products; well I most certainly do not. The girls, for their birthdays, always get the box of the month.  Then of course, they are college students; need I say more? Imagine men, how thoughtful the women in your life, would think you are, if you subscribe to this box.  Ladies, do we always need to justify the pretty things? Well, we can, but why should we? Plus, you can unsubscribe at any time, you do not have to make a lifelong commitment. Here is the link to BoxyCharm hereI make absolutely no money from this link, it is provided to refer friends and earn charms (which I’ve never used).   Here are the contents of my box…  00827258-f6e1-4388-b14c-b7d46d4eb4b3

  1. Briogeo | Don’t Despair, Repair! Strength + Moisture Leave-in Mask, 2oz., MSRP $1600827258-f6e1-4388-b14c-b7d46d4eb4b3
  2. Tarte | Limited-Edition Rainforest of the Sea Highlighting Eyeshadow Palette Vol. III, MSRP $367e82c201-23a8-402c-8a22-cb8c0e55b541274a1660-d24e-42e0-9b8e-85a3369ed12a
  3. Tatcha | Luminous Dewy Skin face Mask (2 Pack), MSRP $2414d68f9a-d5de-4397-9b4d-e78b2305021827fd9ac1-c488-4a18-ab53-bbd066ce2cb2
  4. Billion Dollar Brows/Universal Brow Pencil $18.00d0993cf0-7bee-4f54-bc80-a668b0f0b8b6eaa332b9-f7e0-4db1-b74e-b168dc7a5128
  5. Ofra/Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick (Havana Nights) $20.00354eb79b-54c7-4ea5-a34e-874886cc8ef8d30274f7-196f-49a1-8744-45ef7315a8b6 Usually interruptions are sent to us from the Lord; in the craziness and busyness of our days (although the year just started) our instinct is to be almost robotic in our actions and give the Lord the left-overs of our time, in spite of our best intentions. Let’s endeavor to view interruptions as necessary for our growth as Christians.  Have you tried BoxyCharm?  Are you tempted? closing1brenda



  1. Habakkuk 2:2! Write it down! I am so guilty of reading and not commenting. I really am being intentional now to come back and comment when I have the time – or as today, make the time! I really enjoy your posts!

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