Hey friends, how are you today? How is your day? Did you, like me, hit the ground running? I promised myself, I would make a conscience effort to slow down, but that dream can only become a reality, when I intentionally take the time to slow down.  As an empty~nester, it feels very wrong for me to be idle.  I just can’t do, I don’t know how, therefore, I’ve made some changes.  I’ve added more responsibilities to a not so empty schedule.  I now work five days a week, instead of two or three and very soon, I will be starting a young ladies bible study. The truth is these are not very difficult tasks, but they are time consuming.  Time consuming, did I already say, time consuming? Add two blog posts a week and I may be ready for bedlam. Thank God, He is in the time management business.  Do you believe that our Lord gives you the time to complete excellently, everything He has called you to perform? Hebrews 4 12I am an all or nothing person.  Perhaps you’ve seen evidence of that, through the words of various blog posts.  I’ve always struggled with balance that in between ‘all’ or ‘nothing’ place.  Every-time I think I’ve arrived at that ‘balance’ point, I relax my defenses and gradually slip into that ‘all’ or ‘nothing’ neighborhood again.  A few years ago, I wanted to cultivate Proverbs 31:26 into my life.  Proverbs 31 26Can you guess how that went? I also combined Proverbs 17:28 (go ahead… read it, I’ll wait), because of the similarity and totally left out ‘she opens her mouth with wisdom’.  Ladies and gentlemen, for almost six months, I hardly said a word.  I spoke quite often to the Lord, I told Him of all my frustrations and about everything that was wrong with my world. That ‘all’ or ‘nothing’ trait allows fear to, at times, determine my course; in these situations, I do not nothing.  Sometimes, my own capabilities determine my actions; if I’m capable, then this job will be done, but if I’ve determined that I won’t be successful, then I’m in that ‘nothing’ camp.  I’ve come to the realization, that trusting the Lord is fundamental to our walk with Him. Yes, I know… it was a surprise to me too.  Sometimes, I can literally imagine the Lord shaking His head at me.  ‘Wow! Brenda, I just can’t; after all this time together, why are you still there?”   Anyway, about six’s months later, I had a light bulb moment.  Usually, verbs connote an action, ‘she opens’… she has to do something; she can’t be in that ‘nothing’ camp, because she ‘opens’ her mouth; but with a beautiful qualifier, ‘with wisdom’.  That takes thought and intentionality.  rom 5 20Have you ever asked the Lord to help you with a character flaw?  Have you ever wanted Him to replace that flaw with His character?  Well I did, but instead of relying on Him to make that change, I attempted to fix it myself.  Although, I did not realize it at the time, that ‘all’ or ‘nothing’ neighborhood, is totally me, trying to do God’s work.  You see, God is all about balance.  He has given us time to do every work; He has called us to perform, including time for ourselves.  He gives us the time to gradually inculcate His characters, such as patience, wisdom, love, but if you’re like me, we want to ‘be’ rather than ‘become’. We begin at the starting point, but we want to wake up at the finish line.  It took time to add the weight; it will take time to shed the extra pounds.  If we enter into that ‘nothing’ district, not only will nothing be done, but sometimes, we miss out on the beauty that can be ours, because we will not try, or we get into that ‘all’ camp, and attempt to solve all world problems on our own.    In reality, we are slowing down the process of ‘becoming’ when we try to ‘be’ without God.  It’s really not possible to be godly without God.  I am learning that God does ‘change’ best.  He is patient and He does not give up, nor does He get frustrated (although He would have every right to) like I do.  He knows that change takes time, because His change goes in the opposite direction of our natural tendencies.  II Tim 3 15When I surrender to God, He takes my ‘all’ or ‘nothing’ tendencies and replaces it with balance.  Come along on this journey with me of..