Hey friends, how are you doing today? It is currently 13° today, but feels like -1°; and finally, there is snow on the ground.  I can almost hear the skiers breathing a sigh of relief.  Do you know we are only eleven days into a brand new year? Yep! If you’re like me, it feels longer, but shorter at the same time.  Longer, because for a minute there, I forgot we are in a New Year, and shorter, because I just can’t believe that ten whole days have already been lived in the New Year! I have determined that this year will be lived to the fullest.  I will enjoy this life, with which I’ve been blessed.   I will do new things and try new things; I will visit new places. In order to exult in this life, I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot exclude the Lord from my life. He is the Giver of joy and happiness and rest and peace.  In order to find joy in people and things, I’ve resolved that my ultimate Source has to be the God of the Universe.  Are you with me? Let’s choose to live life to the fullest in 2019. Es 4 14I have some very sad news this week; I did not lose any weight at all.  Quite disappointing, because usually I lose weight rather quickly, ahhh…this getting older…how do we stop it? Anyway, guess what? Each day is a beautiful day, filled with grace and mercy.  Each new day is a do-over or do-better day. Love new days; they are a gift from God, Himself, to us, to persevere; to keep going.   If not today, then maybe tomorrow; if not then, perhaps it will be the next.  Losing weight is inevitable because it’s something doable; I can lose weight, because I’ve changed my habits. You see, I have control over this (I know, I know).   I know what to do, I just have to apply what I know to be true to my lifestyle and I surely will get results.  It may take some time, but if I persist, I will see results.  Huh… sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? I’m really not that wise, am I? God always says it better:

“Gal. 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

We serve a wise and loving God, do we not? His Word can even be applied to losing weight….  John 10 10In honor of living life to the fullest; over the weekend, we visited one of the cutest little town; Cedarville, in Ohio. We were fortunate enough to spend time with friends.  Have you ever gone to someone’s house and immediately felt at home? Well, this home did just that.  There was pizza (don’t judge, there is enough of that, going around) and the fellowship was wonderful, even the girls felt comfortable enough to participate in the conversation.  Prayerfully, people feel that comfortable when they come to my house.  Anyway, Cedarville is really a unique little town with one main street almost dividing the town in two.  Guess what it’s called? You guessed it…Main Street, I hope that wasn’t too challenging.  Anyway, this town has one of the best thrift stores in Ohio (maybe that’s stretching it, because I haven’t visited all of Ohio) and that includes the Goodwill(s) of the nearby cities (because you know, we just have to visit as many as possible).  Here is my free tidbit, always try to find the locations of thrift stores, before a visit to a new city.  Did I already say here, and here, I love thrifting? d9c2beb8-a5ec-4f47-9e2c-e7000bb5c024Anyway, Second Act (that’s the name of the thrift store) has several commendable qualities; everything is easily accessible, there is even a changing room, the selection of clothing is extensive; young and older ladies alike can find almost any article of clothing in there, from dresses, to skirts, shorts (everything).  Most of the pieces are vintage, the staff are very pleasant, and the best part; the merchandise is extremely inexpensive (need I say more?)


these pieces are just a few of my favorite. The hours are a bit funky, so I’ve linked their Facebook page here.    After shopping, there is Beans n Cream; a coffee shop.   This is no ordinary coffee shop, not at all.  Again staff receives a five star rating, because they are so pleasant.  They take your order with a smile that says ‘sit, stay awhile’.  Now how often, can we say, we’ve received such great customer service? Some people leave us feeling like we are bothering them, before we’ve even ordered, I know…. The food at Beans n Cream is delicious and served in a timely manner.  Have you ever gone to a restaurant and wondered whether they forgot you? And the best part (I know…you’re thinking, it can’t get any better, right?) the best part…they’re inexpensive! Now maybe it’s the NY prices, but the price for brunch for four of us was under $20.00, with drinks!   Are you kidding me? I was flabbergasted!! Please tell me, that’s surprising to you too, I will be very disappointed if that’s a common occurrence to everyone out there. $20, I’m still shocked.  We’ve also picked records and other knick knacks from another vintage store called Anything and Everything.   I love vintage stores, although lately, I’m not sure how I feel about that word. Am I vintage? What constitutes a ‘vintage’ piece? Usually vintage pieces are quite valuable (yep, I like that), but recently things in the 80’s are considered vintage! Really, people, really!! Anyway, I digress, our younger daughter (she is not considered vintage, even though she loves vintage) was able to pick up a few a records for her record player; here is a link to their Facebook page.   One of the most unusual things about Cedarville though; I have never, ever seen anyone walking the streets.  I’ve never seen children playing outside, or neighbors talking outside to each other. I know they exist, but I’ve never seen them.    It’s almost as if, the people disappear and reappear in the shops. Quite unusual, I must say.  If you’re looking for somewhere new to visit, give Cedarville a try, you won’t regret it! Let me know, whether there were people walking the streets, when you visit.   closing1brenda

27 responses to “WHAT’S GOING ON?”

  1. I’m with you Brenda! Live life to the fullest; our Saviour came to give us ABUNDANT LIFE! We love thrift shopping too; vintage clothing, finding little treasures, easy on the pocket book and great for the environment. 🙂


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  2. Lovely, lovely blog. Full of life, love and laughter. As far as weight, I’m working on it with an app called MyNetDiary-D especially made for diabetics, but my husband is using the non-diabetic MyNetDiary app. It’s really helped me a lot to really be aware of what I’m putting in my mouth…lost 3 lbs in 33 days. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s steady and it’s encouraging. These days, at the age of 65, it’s really not easy to lose…and the cons is that if I lose too much, I’m going to be ‘flapping’ in the wind. lol. I think you look great! God bless. 🙂

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  3. Well Brenda, shock & horror I put a kilo on!!!! :-0
    And I have cut my portions back & eating healthy salads & lean meats only for lunch & dinner. Muesli & fruit for breakfast! I did my gentle walks as well! It’s summer here so let’s blame fluid retention! Lol! 😉
    Love the sound of that quaint little town!

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  4. First off, I’m sad that you and I have not lost weight , haha! Second, yes the year is flying by and has no signs of slowing down for the next 10? years. And third, I’m glad you had such a nice getaway. $20 is very shocking! Were you full when you were finished eating? That is the question. 😉 Stay warm! 65 here today. Come visit Texas when you get a chance!

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  5. You can’t get much for under $20 these days, wow! Whenever my wife and kids order from the Chinese place down the street, it costs at least $40 and that’s just for the 3 of them since I can’t eat out. Cool place for sure! God bless!

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