Good day, my friends.  How are you today? How was your week? Did you have a successful week? Yesterday I went bike-riding for the first time all summer.  Oh wait! Yesterday was the official first day of summer; happy summer, my friends.  I love summer, but then again, I say that about all the seasons. When I was a little girl, I hated household chores. It was something that kept me from enjoying the really fun activities; like playing with my friends.  As an adult, it occurred to me recently that I haven’t changed that attitude much.  Isn’t that sad? I still find that household chores is really just that; a chore! I have literally separated my life into fun activities and not so fun activities, and at times, my attitude towards each reflects that thought pattern. Now why would I do that!John 10 10Jesus gave His life for me, so that my life could be lived more abundantly. My life! Not just the ‘fun’ part; but all of it.  He came to give me life ‘more abundantly’; every aspect of that life.  My life is everything He has called me to do; because I am in the process of becoming the person He wants me to be. My attitude toward the activities/chores to which I have been called reflects the person, I am becoming. I need an attitude adjustment!  I must develop a more positive attitude! prov 31 31Here is an activity I placed in the ‘fun category’… thrifting.  I love thrifting, but then you already knew that! The girls and I recently went thrifting and I am quite pleased with the pieces I picked up:  

These are my favorite combination; black and white paired together.  When I found this vintage Metropolitan New York dress, I just had to add it to my already predominately black and white wardrobe. (Sorry; not sorry). It was $2.50.

This is a Simply Vera Wang navy blue tee.  I loved the pattern and textured design.  It was $2.00.

This is usually how I dress; I almost always dress in layers.  This Carlisle blazer is 100% silk, which looks like linen.  I loved the length and it has pockets.  It was $3.00!!!

This is a Loft dress, I picked up for $2.50. Loved the simple, comfortable yet chic design of this number.

I very rarely wear pants, if they are not jeans. I debated over these Banana Republic trousers, but they were only $2.50, which probably swayed the decision. I like the length, because they were a perfect fit; not too long, not too short.  I am 5″2.  I also like the combination of black, white and pink.

Do you thrift? What are some of your favorite finds? What is your approach to housework? Love it? Hate it? closing1brenda